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You have come to the right place if you're considering adding a porch to your Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington ON or Milton ON home

Archadeck of the GTA is the perfect company to build your new backyard room

Your new custom outdoor living space is all about how you want to live outdoors. Do you want a better view of your yard in a bright and airy space but one that is protected from some of the colder weather? Your new screened porch can be designed to suit yours and your family’s needs. What are your goals for the space? What activities do you want to enjoy in your new space? Would you like to eat out in your new room? Are you hoping to maximize seating area so family and guests can use that new space for rest and entertainment?

Open porch, screened porch, 3-season room or sunroom?

There are several different types and styles of spaces you can add to your GTA area home. If you are looking for some sun cover but otherwise want to enjoy every bit of the sights, smells and the open air of your yard, an open (or covered porch) might be best for you. A covered porch can be open on all 4 sides or have some enclosed walls. For example, you may choose an open porch that is near a pool area. You may want a solid wall on one side to provide protection for a bar or outdoor kitchen area. Or, you may choose an open porch that’s attached to your home but has an additional enclosed wall on one side to provide sun protection, wind protection or to provide privacy.

Outdoor kitchen

This open porch has a partial wall on one side for an outdoor kitchen

The covered porch below provides protection for the cooking area but otherwise allows the check, homeowners and guests to enjoy all the fresh air while in their outdoor living area.

Ope Porch

You can’t go wrong with a screened porch

Screened porch

The most popular outdoor room is a screened porch because of its versatility. A screened porch provides protection from the rain, sun protection, and a small amount of temperature protection. It keeps insects and many other flying particles out. Vinyl track windows can be built in to your porch to allow significantly increased wind and temperature protection. The vinyl window system allows you to expose up to 75% of the window or to fully close each of the windows for the most protection. The vinyl is very clear and very strong. With a small portable heater and vinyl windows, you can enjoy your screened room for a greater number of days throughout the year. A screened porch with a retractible window system is also called a 3-season room.

When only a sunroom will do

If you want a home addition consisting of a bright and airy room, you are looking for a sunroom. Unlike a screened room, a sunroom has built-in permanent heating allowing you to utilize the sunroom or sun porch any time of the year. Archadeck is trained and skilled at building the finest outdoor room additions.

Furnished sunroom

Add your sunroom to the rear of your home or to one of the sides depending on the direction of your home, where you would like your room to be and what view you’d most like to enjoy.

A fireplace can create a happy medium

A popular option is building an outdoor fireplace into your new room. If adding a built-in fireplace with a screened porch or vinyl window porch, you will have significantly increased heat capture. A ceiling helps to circulate the warmer air around your porch room. In addition to warmth, a porch fireplace also provides an ambiance unrivaled by other amenities. Your fireplace can either be wood burning or can be a gas fireplace. Most homeowners opt for a gas fireplace for a few reasons. The one switch starter is one of the biggest reasons. There is no wait while fetching wood or starting the fire. In addition, a traditional wood burning fireplace creates embers and needs to be cleaned. But we know that nothing compares to the smell and ambiance of a natural wood fire.

What is the best roof style for your new porch or sunroom? Gale, hip, shed or flat?

A gable roof is one of the most popular roof styles. This roof style has the high point at the top and pitches downward in 2 directions. It has the traditional “triangle” look from the outside. The gable roof can be open at one end to allow plenty of additional lighting into the room. On the inside of a gable roof porch or sunroom, it creates a vaulted ceiling. The higher ceiling makes the room feel larger and an open gable can make the room a lot brighter.

A hip roof also creates a vaulted ceiling from the inside. A hip roof has a high point that pitches downward in 3 directions. This roof style is a great selection when complimenting a hip roof on your home. Many upscale homes have more than one roof line such as having gable and hip roofs on the various elevations of the home. Your Archadeck design consultant will help you decide which roof style best fits your aesthetic preferences and best matches your home.

Freestanding porch

This freestanding porch (or pavilion) has a hip roof that pitches downward on four sides

There are two additional roof styles that might be the best options for your GTA area home. A shed roof slopes downward away from the home. If your home has second story windows or other architectural elements, a hip roof might be the best option to ensure your porch does not create any visual obstructions from the second level. Your hip roof porch will still allow plenty of light in your new roof. The house attachment can be elevated and the ends can be open allowing for more light to enter your new porch or sunroom.

screened porch

The above porch has a hip roof with an open end enclosed with glass.

The final roof option is a flat roof. A flat roof is a great choice when the second story windows or architectural elements don’t provide any room for an elevated roof style. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s truly a flat roof. It is pitched exactly the correct amount to ensure water drains properly.

Open Porch

The above open porch has a flat roof style

What about your porch ceiling?

There are several ceiling options for inside your new porch. The biggest decision to make is whether you want an exposed rafter or enclosed rafter ceiling. There is tremendous visual appeal to exposed rafters but the style is also less formal. It depends on the look you are seeking for your room. Exposed rafters provide a rustic feel that is very true to a screened room. Enclosed rafters provide a more formal and finished look and also easily encase electrical amenities such as ceiling lights and speakers. There are also many fun options for your screened porch ceiling. Beadboard is a popular option. It can be left natural or can be painted. If you are adding a sunroom, you may want to choose a ceiling that matches the ceiling finishes in your home.

Does your porch or sunroom have to look added on?

Absolutely not!

At Archadeck, we specialize in making sure your new room looks original to your home. We carefully select and source exterior finishes such as brick and roof tiles to make it look as if your new room was always there.

If you are considering adding a porch or sunroom give us a call or drop us an email for a free consultation. Call us at (877) 362-5802 or drop us an email

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