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Gable? Shed? Flat? Hip? What roof style is best for your GTA area porch?

If you are considering adding a porch or sunroom to your home in the Oakville ON, Burlington ON, Mississauga or Milton ON area home, there are several design considerations you will need to explore with your contractor. One of the first considerations is roof style. We all have a vision of what our new room or porch will look like and for many of us, that vision includes a gable roof.

Gable roof

A gable roof has a high point in the center and descends downward from that point. This is the roof style that looks like a triangle from the outside and creates a vaulted ceiling from the inside. This is one of the most prevalent roof styles for homes for good reason. The gable shape is pleasing to the eye and the interior vaulted ceiling allows for more light to enter creating a bright and airy space.

Custom wooden screen

The gable end can be oriented away from the house or can be aligned with the house. Your design consultant will help with this recommendation based on a number of factors. One key factor that affects most roof style decisions is the exterior configuration of the second story of your home. We do not want your roof to cover any windows or architectural details and we don’t want it to obstruct the view from any second-story windows or doors. Many two-story homes have a number of windows or architectural features on the second story affecting the roof style of an added room.

Custom patio

In addition to considering the window configuration, it’s also important to consider the roof style of your home. When possible, emulating the roof style or styles of your current home will ensure your new room looks like it was built at the same time your home was built. Our goal is to ensure your new room addition looks like a natural extension of your home. Emulating the roof style is one way this can be done. Your home may have more than one roof elevation including a gable and a shed roof elevation or another configuration. This allows more flexibility when ensuring your porch roof complements or looks original to your home.

Custom front porch
This front porch roof emulates the rooflines and style of the home

Shed roof

A shed roof attaches to the home and descends downward from there. In essence, it looks like a half triangle when looking at it from the side. A shed roof is a strong option when there are second-story windows you don’t want to obstruct but you still want some ceiling height within the new porch or sunroom in order to allow more light to enter the room.

Custom roof screen porch
Mississauga screened porch with shed roof

Some homeowners are concerned that a shed roof will not allow the amount of light in the screened porch or sunroom that they desire for their room addition. There are several techniques that can be incorporated to ensure the new roof allows as much light to enter as possible. The half gable end can be open (covered with either glass or screens) to allow light to enter. In addition, the entire roof elevation can be increased to allow as much natural light into the room as possible.

Custom outdoor fire place
Screened porch with a shed roof, open gable, and outdoor fireplace

Hip Roof

A Hipe roof has a high point in the center and descends down in 3 or more directions from the highest point. Many upscale GTA area homes have hip roof styles. Adding a porch or sunroom with a hip roof will help ensure the roof lines complement each other.