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Custom Deck Builders in Oakville, ON

Are you considering adding a custom deck to your Greater Toronto Area home? You have come to the right place. Archadeck of Southwest GTA designs and builds custom decks in Oakville and the surrounding areas to suit the tastes, style, and preferences of each homeowner. We offer free, no-obligation design consultations, so you can be sure we are the best deck contractors for your project. Below, we go over just some of the options and considerations for you as you consider your new outdoor living space.

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Low-Maintenance Deck Options

Not too many years ago, all decks were made of natural wood which requires annual maintenance including cleaning, staining and sealing. Not only is this arduous work but it is time intense, expensive, and takes a bite out of the time you could be spending enjoying your new deck.

granite top bar

Many of our customers prefer to have their new deck made of low-maintenance materials. This includes not just the decking boards but also the railing and column wraps, along with siding and exterior materials if you are adding a porch along with your deck. We work with low-maintenance decking brands including TimberTech and AZEK, as well as other high-end low-maintenance composite and synthetic decking brands.

When you purchase low maintenance decking for your new deck, you will receive a 25 – 30 year warranty from the synthetic decking manufacturer. And you will never need to stain or seal. Further, you have a tremendous array of colors and styles available to you. Today’s synthetic boards have looks that closely emulate exotic hardwoods, traditional soft woods, and also a pleasing pallet of soft grays, warm beiges and even the popular super dark chestnut color.

How large should your new deck be?

There are several factors to consider when deciding the size and shape of your new deck. Essentially, it all boils down to the question: How do you want to live outside?

The two primary uses of a deck are an area for eating and an area for seating. Within these primary categories, there are many additional considerations.

If you plan on eating on your new deck:

  • Will it be occasional and just for special occasions?
  • Do you plan on regularly eating on your deck?
  • Do you expect the whole family to eat outside?
  • Will it mainly be reserved for cozy or romantic meals where you steal away to enjoy a quiet meal?

Another very important consideration is whether and how often you plan to entertain on your new deck:

  • Do you hope your deck will be the regular Friday night destination for a few friends or close neighbors?
  • Are you a local business person who entertains regularly for work?

The important point here is to determine the number of people that will spend time on your deck and how often they will do so.

Where should your new deck be?

Our Oakville deck design consultants will help you with many of the important considerations when designing your new deck. The location of the deck may be one area where your design consultant provides the most guidance.

Often, the back of your home may dictate where and how large your deck can be. It’s important to consider which house door you want to have access to the deck. If you are planning on using your deck primarily for eating, you will want to adjoin your new deck to your kitchen area. If you are hoping to use your deck as a seating area, you may want it to adjoin to your living room or the living area room at the back of your home.

Many area homeowners are looking for a deck that serves multiple purposes, such as acting as both an eating area and a seating area. In this case, you may want your deck to span the eating and seating rooms on the back of your home and have your adjoining outdoor portion of those spaces directly outside those rooms. Your deck consultant will also take into account the size of your furniture, the number of furniture pieces and any other items you plan on keeping on your deck such as outdoor kitchen elements like a grill, a Big Green Egg smoker, or even a portable fire pit.

What is the best shape for a deck addition?

Many existing decks are added on as an afterthought by the home builder. In this case, the deck is likely too small and too plainly shaped – likely it’s a rectangular shape. If you’re contracting with our custom design and build company in Oakville and the Greater Toronto Area, you will benefit from our extensive design experience and expertise. Ask your design consultant to explore different deck shape options with you that reflect your personal style and reflect the style of your home. Custom design is included in what you pay, so take advantage of it!

Deck and patio combination

Should you add multiple outdoor living spaces?

As you research deck design ideas and browse through pictures for inspiration, many homeowners come to the conclusion that they don’t want to settle for just an eating area or just a seating area. Many, if not most, of our customers opt for a space that can serve both functions. There are numerous benefits to such a space. The biggest benefit is that you can really live outside able to enjoy the primary functions you enjoy at home – eating, relaxing, entertaining, and stealing away. You can create a combination eating and seating space by creating a larger deck, by creating a multi-level or multi-space deck or by adding an adjoining patio or porch. Again, utilize the experience and expertise of your Archadeck design consultant for ideas and recommendations.

Do you want cover for your deck space?

How often do Oakville's weather conditions create scenarios that would limit you from spending time outside? Does a light rain frequently force you inside when you’d prefer to listen to the faint sound of raindrops on the roof of a covered deck area? Would you enjoy sitting under cover in a light rain watching it sweep over your yard and water your beloved Canadian Maple trees? Is your yard particularly sunny, requiring you to head inside for some shade? Would your deck be in an area with regular falling nuts or leaves from nearby trees? This is another reason you may want to consider an open porch or pergola over your deck. This can be over your entire deck or perhaps over just one area of your deck.

As you have now gathered, we are passionate about deck design at Archadeck of Southwest GTA. Our consultation is completely free, so give us a call at (877) 362-5802 or contact us online to get started today!

Composite deck

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