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Looking for a stone patio builder or paver patio builder for your Oakville, ON home?

You’ve come to the right place! Archadeck of Southwest GTA builds custom patios and hardscapes for homes throughout the Oakville and GTA area. If you are considering adding a space, here are some ideas and considerations for your new space.

How do you want to live outside?

With all the beautiful magazines and websites such as Houzz, it’s easy to jump start planning your new patio or hardscape with selecting some beautiful designs or amazing materials you like. We recommend that you ask yourself the very important question of how you want to live outside. What do you plan on doing in your new space? Your answer will help ensure that you get a custom patio space you will use often and that will really fit your outdoor living needs.

How many months of the year will you use your new space?

Here in the GTA, this is an important question. With a short summer season, you will want to expand the amount of time throughout the year that you use your outdoor living space. You may want to consider integrating an outdoor fire feature into your space. Here are some thoughts.

Fire pit

patio with fire pit

Archadeck can build a custom fire pit into your paver or stone patio. A custom fire pit is built to match and fit within your particular space. We will use stone and other materials to match or compliment your patio. There are a lot of great uses for a fire pit. Think of the kids, a bag of marshmallows and some sticks picked up from around the yard. Then think about several dear friends, a few Adirondack chairs and a crackling fire in your fire pit. Your fire pit is a source for both ambiance and for heat. The heat will be minimal, though, compared to a fireplace. With a fire pit, the heat radiates around but also dissipates quickly in the cooler air. If you’re looking for ambiance, you can’t miss.

Outdoor fireplace for your Oakvilke area home

An outdoor fireplace can be either integrated into your patio or can be integrated into a porch. When your outdoor fireplace is freestanding, it provides some warmth for those sitting near. You also cannot forget the ambiance of a crackling fire. The smell and sounds of a wood-stoked fire can be mesmerizing and adds tremendous ambiance to your outdoor living. If you have an outdoor fireplace built within your new screened porch, it will provide more heat since the space is enclosed.

Do you want to cook outside?

Just a few short years ago, the only way we could cook outside was by using a portable grill. The portable grill has a number of advantages including being able to move it about the yard and then in to the garage or a covered space for the winter. The grill can also be replaced as needed and is a small investment up front. Today’s outdoor cooking areas include outdoor kitchens that are as simple as a built-in grilling space or as ornate as a space that includes a sink, storage areas, a good bit of food prep area and perhaps a built-in bar to enjoy conversation with guests while preparing food.

An area for eating? An area for seating? Room for both?

These questions may seem silly. Everyone wants to use their new outdoor space for eating and for convening with friends. But both of these outdoor living activities require some thought to ensure you plan for and design a space that really meets your needs.

Eating outside

As you can imagine, a space designed for an adorable cafe table and 2 beautiful chairs is a lot different than a space with a large 6-person table with many chairs. Think about the different activities you could enjoy in each scenario. With a space designed to accommodate a lovely cafe table and chairs, you will be able to enjoy your morning coffee while reading your paper or even catching up on your morning email. Or, it will be the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet romantic mean while enjoying the sights and sounds of outdoors. On the flip side, your vision of really enjoying eating outdoors might include large family gatherings or regular having guests over to your home to enjoy an evening outdoors. Think about how many people you want to regularly and comfortably feed outdoors. This is an important question because your space will be designed differently if it is to accommodate a large table and chairs.

Relaxing outdoors

How about relaxing outside? Do you think members of your family might use the space to steal away with a good book or even a quiet afternoon nap? Or, do you regularly plan on having a number of guests over or even enjoying picnic style eating with the family? Similar to above, your space will have quite a different design if it is made to accommodate a couple chairs with a small table for resting your book vs. a large seating area with seating for 6, 8 or more.

Custom patio

Your answer is probably both!

Most Archadeck customers are having a custom outdoor space built to suit how they want to live outdoors. And for most, this includes having a generously sized eating area along with a seating are to suit the regular number of people who will enjoy the yard while enjoying friendship, family time or great conversation. A hardscape or patio designed to accommodate both eating and seating doesn’t need to be huge. Share your goals with your design consultant and they will help design a space that fits both your outdoor living goals and your budget.

Patio and pergola combination

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