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Oakville Back Porches Provide Flexible Outdoor Living Options

Are you planning to create a backyard retreat in the coming months? If so, you may be busy deciding between a deck and a patio – but have you considered a back porch?

If your main living space is elevated from the backyard you likely are leaning towards a deck, but if you are at ground level, a stone patio might be at the top of your list. What if I told you, we can create a back porch in either case, that can be enjoyed more comfortably during inclement weather, hot and sunny weather, as well as during mosquito season? Open porches and screened porches are becoming the go-to outdoor living structure as homeowners want to enjoy a comfortable outdoor living retreat, at their own homes.

Rendering of a deck and screened porch

What Type of Porch Additions Are Available?

Open porches are a big hit with their rain and sun protection and their easy access. They provide a sanctuary from the elements while still immersing you in all that your backyard has to offer.

Screened porches are the second option as they not only provide rain and UV protection but with their floor-to-ceiling screens, they keep the annoying pests out. This is a perfect solution if you have a lot of mosquitoes at dusk, or are serving dinner al fresco and want to keep the flies from swarming the delicious meal you’ve prepared. Some homeowners love the bit of added privacy screens give them as well.

Couple enjoying their deck

Where Can I Add a Back Porch?

Back porches can be added to decks, patios, or built from scratch. Many clients we work with want to have a covered area as well as an open area so you may want a porch and deck, porch and patio, or all three. By having a covered and open area you can provide a space for everyone. Sun-lovers can absorb the warmth of the sun’s rays, the cook can have her grill in the open area for safety, and those allergic to mosquitoes can be safe on the porch.

If you think a porch or combination space is a good solution for your home and family needs, give Archadeck of the S.W. GTA a call today. (877) 362-5802 We create custom-designed outdoor spaces to fit your life and our expert crews will breathe well-crafted life into your one-of-kind outdoor living space. We look forward to hearing from you.