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From She Sheds to Rain Chains, the Feminine Influence Adds Flair to Function

Custom Rain Chains Just this year we have embraced the idea of turning a tool shed into a lavish escape with the emergence of the “She Shed”. We have watched as fire pit tables quickly became a hot commodity for porch and patio owners and now “rain chains” are gracing overhangs making the mundane work of downspouts both beautiful and functional.

Rain chains are a decorative alternative to traditional, closed gutter downspouts. Normally a downspout will drain rainwater from the roof’s gutters onto the concrete or lawn. The same can be done, yet more elegantly, with a rain chain. The difference is the rain chain doesn’t have a tube and corners to flow through. It will not clog the gutters or drain system with leaves and debris. Often made from copper, brass or other metals that will patina gracefully over time, they are just as functional as they are beautiful. They are used to guide rainwater down chains or cups from the roof or eaves of a structure to the ground. The water can then be diverted into the landscape or captured for recycling and use elsewhere. Rain chains can transform a plain gutter downspout into a pleasing water feature. Visually appealing and audibly hypnotic, they are a treat to view and listen to when in action.

Custom rain chains

Despite their new surge in popularity, the concept is from days of old. They are called ‘kusari doi’ in Japanese. For hundreds of years, the Japanese have used them along the roof of their homes to collect rainwater where it is then transported back to large barrels for household use. Japanese temples often incorporate large ornate rain chains into their design. The collected water is often placed in a ceramic or stoneware pot to collect the water after the rain. The pool of water signifies peace, rest, and tranquility.

The chains create pleasant white noise that may be audible from indoors depending on placement. They create visual appeal as part of the landscaping or through an adjoining window. Don’t forget the added plus of turning that drip, drip, drip into sprinkle, Clinkle, ting!

At Archadeck, we can imagine these gorgeous and fun accessories hanging from the corner of your elevated deck or porch roof.