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A Deck For All Seasons -- The Versatility Of The Most All-American Outdoor Living Structure

When Archadeck started building decks back in 1980, we filled a real need.

backyard custom deck

Back then, new home builders were focused on building a home and then moving on. No attention was paid to the backyard area except for laying sod or grass seed to establish a lawn.

So building decks for new home buyers seemed like a great idea for starting a business. And now some 40 plus years later, it turns out it was a fantastic idea.

Archadeck Outdoor Living has grown to become Nashville’s America’s favorite deck builder, as well as the #1 deck builder choice in America.

Backyard Decks Extend Indoor Living Seamlessly And Beautifully

If you’re looking for great versatility in how you live – especially during the warmer months of the year that feature pleasant weather – then look no further. Decks are the perfect answer.

dual entry covered deck

For starters, when building a new deck here in Nashville, it is a very wise choice to put a cover over it. Covered decks provide shade and shelter from sun, rain, and falling tree debris.

Covered decks are also a great way to plan an outdoor living room or transition into a porch for a custom deck and porch combination.

Deck And Porch Combinations Are A Double Treat For Outdoor Living Enjoyment

Picture this.

1. As you step out of your kitchen or living room, you land on a magnificent creation of luxurious space. At the left, you discover your open deck with lounge chairs for sun bathing – a perfect way to catch some rays.

wooden deck

2. As you move to the right, you find that this part of the deck has a roof on it. This provides the perfect scenario for an outdoor living room, conversation area, an outdoor dining table and chairs, and an outdoor kitchen. For extra measure, how about the soothing warmth of a fire pit?

patio with fire pit

3. Further to the right is where you can spend virtually all of your outdoor living time if you wish – in a screened outdoor covered deck porch. This scenario is the ultimate deck conversion for Nashville families that no longer want to deal with seasonal pollen and insects.

deck and patio

Creative thinking is the key to versatility in designing and planning your new deck. Just think of how it could very well be everything you’ve always dreamed of and wanted.

A Deck And Patio Combination Is A Dual-Level Outdoor Oasis

Nashville deck and patio combinations are more popular and in demand than ever. As the premier Nashville deck and patio builder, reasons for outdoor combination spaces are many.

backyard patio

When looking for versatility, variety, and a touch of visual dimension and drama, a deck and patio combination is a win/win.

Decks seamlessly extend the heart of the home outdoors. This allows leisure time activities to spread their wings into fresh air. As far as patios, these ground level outdoor living extensions blend beautifully into well cared for landscapes.

The wonderful thing about working with Archadeck of Nashville is that you can have it all. Enjoy a new deck that steps down to an exquisite hardscape paver patio.

Design Integration And Thoughtful Planning Is The Key

From a design standpoint, we can blend your new deck and patio and integrate them beautifully. Not only are they a joy to relax on, but they are also a joy to take care of, especially with composite decking and hardscape pavers. This outdoor design blend is extremely low maintenance. A sweep of the broom or rinse of a hose gets the job done nicely.

two story deck and patio

As you descend from the elevated deck down onto your new patio, you can look down onto your new outdoor kitchen or grill area. And even better, light up the night with your built-in fire pit, yielding the perfect deck, patio and fire pit combination. With Archadeck, the sky is the limit.

The bonus of creative design plans like a deck and patio combination is that these accommodation spaces often allow our construction team to work around easement restrictions. Design challenges with these imperviable spaces no longer exist with our innovative design solutions.

Now Is A Great Time To Schedule Your New Deck, Patio, Porch, And Combination Project Construction

We are now scheduling complimentary design consultations throughout the Nashville area. The best way to get a spot on our calendar is by clicking here.