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Archadeck of Nashville Has Your Backyard Decks Design Ideas

If you think a deck is just a deck and all decks are pretty much the same, you haven’t worked with Archadeck of Nashville! There is so much more we can do with deck designs. When you meet with us to talk about adding a deck to your home, or replacing your existing deck, we can explore the possibilities.

Add a patio, porch or pergola to your backyard deck design.

We recently published a blog post about the importance of good deck design. There we focused on aesthetics as well as how deck design affects deck safety. In the long run, your deck design can affect how you enjoy the deck, which pretty much means everything. When you invest in a professionally designed and built deck, you expect to enjoy it a great deal – and for many years.

One of the ways we can increase your long-term satisfaction with a new deck is to incorporate other structures with the deck project. Examples include a pergola, a patio, a porch, benches, or a hot tub. Feel free to choose more than one of these options to optimize your backyard deck enjoyment!

Backyard Decks with Pergolas

Pergolas and decks work very well together. Since a deck is primarily a horizontal structure, except for railings, a pergola adds vertical interest. You may have noticed that many pergolas are purely decorative. They help define the space, visually, and establish the deck as a desirable outdoor destination.

Add a patio, porch or pergola to your backyard deck design.

Pergolas can also serve additional functions. The most popular use of a pergola is for shade. With the right design, a pergola can provide shade, but the amount of shade can vary. It all depends on how close together the purlins and slats are laid out across the top of the pergola. The more distance between them, the less shade you’ll have. When a client wants a pergola that provides total shade, we need to cover it with a solid surface.

A pergola on a deck can also function as a place to hang a fan, a privacy screen, or deck lighting. Knowing this, you may never look at a pergola the same way again!

Backyard Decks and Patios Ideas

Decks and patios together are the one-two punch for outdoor entertaining. Of course, you don’t have to entertain frequently to enjoy a deck-and-patio combination. But if you do enjoy hosting occasional gatherings outdoors at home, having both a deck and adjoining patio gives guests more room to spread out. No matter how large your backyard is, people will rarely step out onto the grass unless you encourage them to do so. With two outdoor “rooms” that are adjacent but visually distinct, your guests will naturally spread out across the finished space in small clusters. It’s easier to mix and mingle when everyone has room to move about!

Add a patio, porch or pergola to your backyard deck design.

When you include a patio with your deck project, you have the perfect setting for other hardscape structures, too. The most popular are the outdoor fireplace and fire pit. No one can resist the pull of a dancing flame. Consider the addition of a seating wall so you don’t need to have so many chairs filling the space. Bordering your patio with vertical hardscapes is the perfect way to add flair and take your outdoor living space to the next level. And since a patio is a low-maintenance outdoor structure, combining it with a low-maintenance composite deck gives you a totally low-maintenance outdoor living space.

Backyard Decks and Porches

When you combine your new deck with a new porch, you gain the protection of a roof. With a deck open to the sky and a porch to protect you from sunburn and rain, you have the best of both worlds. Will you grill out on the patio and dine on the porch? There are times when you will prefer to sit out in the sun. But in the heat of summer, the total shade of a porch roof will be your favorite place on earth.

Add a patio, porch or pergola to your backyard deck design.

If you are plagued by mosquitoes, you’ll probably want to add a screened porch or 3-season room to your deck. Otherwise, an open porch (also called a covered porch) may suffice. Three-season rooms offer maximum versatility because you can use them as enclosed space to keep the chill out as the weather turns cool. If you combine a deck with a 3-season room, you’ll be ready for anything!

Backyard Decks with Benches

A bench is one of those deck amenities that may seem like an afterthought, but it’s usually not. If you want built-in benches on your new deck, we will incorporate them into the initial deck design. We usually craft built-in deck benches from the same material we use for your deck surface, whether that is wood or composite decking. Benches are great space-savers that add valuable functionality to a deck, freeing up space where you would otherwise need chairs. You can also use the space under benches for storage if you choose.

Add a patio, porch or pergola to your backyard deck design.

Along with benches, we also recommend adding drink rails to your deck design, especially if you will use your deck for entertaining. With a drink rail at hand, your guests will no longer need to juggle a plate and beverage while trying to figure out how to eat!

Backyard Decks with Hot Tubs or Pools

Designing your deck to include a hot tub is much easier than adding a hot tub to an existing deck. To design a deck for a hot tub, we add structural elements to support the weight of a hot tub filled with water. We also incorporate a service door into the deck design for easy access to the hot tub’s mechanical area.

Add a patio, porch or pergola to your backyard deck design.

Don’t rule out the idea of a deck as your pool surround, too! TimberTech’s AZEK synthetic decking stays splinter-free and cooler than other deck surfaces. TimberTech AZEK also provides good traction for slip resistancewhen wet. Archadeck of Nashville can coordinate with your pool builder or designer to work in unison as we build your backyard oasis!

Add a patio, porch or pergola to your backyard deck design.

Whether you want to add a simple deck or combine a deck with one or more other structures, we would love to design and build your project. Why wait? Contact Archadeck of Nashville today to schedule a design consultation for your new or expanded outdoor living space.

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