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Archadeck of Nashville Offers Redecking and Deck Resurfacing

Archadeck of Nashville has been receiving quite a few inquiries in regards to redecking recently. In this blog, we want to raise your awareness of redecking and give you the information you need to determine if it is a viable option for you.

Is redecking an option for my existing deck?

What is Redecking?

Redecking, which is also sometimes referred to as deck resurfacing, is the process of renovating a deck by using the existing substructure and replacing the decking boards, railing, and steps. Redecking can be a more cost effective option for aesthetic value, and can often be completed in a shorter timeframe than a new deck build.

Is Redecking An Option For My Existing Nashville Deck?

Redecking can be an option for both pressure treated wooden deck as well as composite decks. Ultimately, the first step in determining if your existing deck is a good candidate for redecking is to have it evaluated by a reputable deck builder, such as Archadeck of Nashville. If the substructure (which is the base that the deck is built on) is in good shape, you may be able to save money and time by redecking instead of tearing down your old deck and starting from scratch.

Is redecking an option for my existing deck?

The areas we would evaluate to see if your deck is a candidate for redecking include:

  • Quality of the original substructure
  • How the structure has degraded or weathered over time
  • If your deck is adhering to any new building codes
  • Are the footings sagging or showing signs of wear?
  • Is the structure properly attached to the home and in good condition

The key elements we need to evaluate to determine if your deck is a candidate will include the quality and structural integrity of the original substructure as well as any accompaniment structures or the structure the deck is attached to. We will also want to evaluate how the deck has weathered over time. Archadeck will determine if any applicable building codes have changed since the deck was originally installed and whether or not the deck fits all the criteria required for redecking, we will make sure it complies with those new building codes as well.

Is redecking an option for my existing deck?

Once your existing deck is deemed a good candidate for resurfacing, we will then work with you to help you choose the material that best fits your needs and budget. Here at Archadeck of Nashville, we have many decking materials to choose from. We can help you decide on a wood or low-maintenance decking material.

Is redecking an option for my existing deck?

Synthetic materials such as composites, capstock and solid PVC are composed of elements that stabilize and protect them from UV damage. These materials also have other advantages over wood. The synthetic material is much less likely to crack or chip, and is impervious to insects such as termites. An added benefit of choosing synthetic is that it will never have to be treated or stained — that means you focus on enjoying your backyard rather than maintaining it! Archadeck has paired with TimberTech and AZEK to offer warranties that are unsurpassed in the market. This partnership includes warranties on decking materials as well as labor. This combination of warranties is unique to projects designed and built by Archadeck using TimberTech and TimberTech AZEK materials.

Is redecking an option for my existing deck?

More Benefits to Redecking

Permitting: If your new deck design does not require changes to the footprint or structural supports of your existing deck, permits may not be required. Permits can take time to acquire and get approved, so you may be able to save the time and hassle of pulling permits and securing inspections.

HOA Approval: If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, alterations to your property often require approval from your homeowner’s association. This can be a lengthy process. Depending on the efficiency of your HOA board, getting approval can sometimes delay the start of a project. If you’re not changing the size and shape of your deck, you might not have to go through this process or will likely take less time for approval.

Is redecking an option for my existing deck?

If you are ready to breathe new life into your tired backyard deck and add years of outdoor living enjoyment contact Archadeck of Nashville today to see if redecking is a viable option for you. We would love to hear from you!