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Archadeck’s Beautiful Nashville Patios are Patios Done Right

As with all outdoor living structures, there is a right way and a wrong way to design and build paver patios and hardscapes. When a patio is installed correctly, according to the best patio quality standards, you won’t have problems with it. When a patio is not designed and built correctly, you’re likely to see drainage issues, uneven or sinking pavers, and weeds growing up between pavers. You can trust Archadeck of Nashville to know the difference between the right way and the wrong way to design and install your patio.

Which Patio Would You Rather Have?


We’re guessing you would rather have a beautiful patio with no issues when it comes to quality. That’s a patio you can enjoy. It’s a patio you’ll enjoy sharing with your friends, too, and one you’ll be proud to show off for many years.

Patio quality standards —it’s more than industry jargon. When your Nashville patio builder follows applicable quality standards, the patio of your dreams won’t deteriorate and leave you wondering what went wrong. Archadeck of Nashville is your Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) certified paver patio installer. We have the experience and the technical expertise to build patios the right way.

Your Nashville High-Quality Paver Patio Designer

Much of the beauty of a successful patio comes from its design. With endless possibilities, your patio’s design can be curved or rectangular or terraced to extend over more than one level. Your Nashville patio design might include amenities like seating walls, planter boxes, or a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. The array of available paver styles means your patio design can feature different color pavers for borders and accents or one solid color as a uniform field.

We love designing with Belgard pavers because of their durability and simple beauty—and because our clients love them, too. Whether you prefer plank pavers, cobblestone styles, herringbone designs or something circular, Belgard gives you plenty to like.


Archadeck of Nashville is your Nashville high-quality paver patio designer. We design each client’s patio to be unique, and our designs are guided by the style of your home and the features of your property. Combine that with our ability to listen as you describe what kind of patio you want and you’ll find we’re the ideal patio designer to build your ideal patio.

Your Nashville High-Quality Paver Patio Installer

In addition to a pleasing design, a patio’s beauty comes from expert construction. Installing hardscapes is not a simple matter. That takes us back to the concept that there’s a right way and a wrong way to build patios. Archadeck of Nashville demonstrates the right way every time we design and build a new patio. Working to meet or exceed the quality standards of the ICPI, we’re knowledgeable about the technical aspects of soil density, base preparation, drainage issues, etc.


Drainage is the key to a successful patio installation, as is the case with any impermeable structure. If your property has unresolved drainage issues, we’ll talk with you about your options to address them prior to a patio installation.

If you’re wondering how we know so much about patios that have been installed the wrong way, it’s from our work replacing poorly-built patios. Some of our clients became our clients when they had problems with a patio that wasn’t installed properly—by another builder, of course. What is your best option in that situation? If your patio builder isn’t up to speed with ICPI quality standards, do you want to call them back and give them a second chance? Not likely. When the question is “Why Should You Use a Professional Patio Builder to Build Your New Nashville Patio?” … our answer is, “Why wouldn’t you?”

Contact us today to schedule your custom patio and hardscape design consultation. You can learn more by calling us at (615) 640-3628