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Archadeck of Nashville -- Why We Are The Local Outdoor Structure Experts With Staying Power

We have all heard the old sayings of “you get what you pay for” and “haste makes waste.” These ring true in many situations we encounter including choosing a builder for your new outdoor structure project. It is wise to explore your options and research any prospective builder by looking at their reviews, and perusing their portfolio of completed projects, however, it is also smart to be cautious about the builder that quickly brings the lowest price to the table and is ready to begin your project on a moment’s notice.

Screened porch and deck

Keep in mind, that seasoned builders know what it takes structurally to ensure your safety and satisfaction. They also rarely have no pending projects on their backlogs to begin a project at the spur of the moment, securing proper permits and making sure quality materials to complete your project are all on hand takes a little time. Be very wary of those builders that claim they can start on a dime, chances are they aren’t pulling required permits necessary to even break ground. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a professionally designed and built outdoor living structure shouldn’t be either. The impetus here is to realize that if a builder is ready to break ground immediately on your project chances are their services are not in high demand. This can be a direct reflection of their business practices and quality of work.

Deck footing

Over the 30+ years we have been serving the Nashville area, we have seen, and repaired, many projects where the homeowner hastily hired a builder just to get the project completed quickly. Not only where many of these structures dangerous, they usually resulted in the homeowner spending more to make it right than they would have had they hired us initially.

Another aspect to consider before you rush into your project, are the builder’s credentials… does the builder have a license or even insurance? These may seem trivial but are crucial if something goes wrong while the builder, or crew, is injured or has an accident while working on your property.

Kid watching from the window
— When choosing a contractor for your deck or porch, beware of the tail light warranty!

Last but certainly not least is to beware of the builder that only offers what is referred to as the tail light warranty — in essence, this means the warranty extends about as long as the tail lights are visible as he is leaving your project — funny to joke about, but not so much if you are the one watching them fade into the distance. When you choose Archadeck of Nashville to build your outdoor living structure(s) you will be protected by two separate guarantees, constituting the most expansive customer protection plan in the industry.

Custom deck and patio with pergola

Archadeck of Nashville is the middle Tennessee area’s outdoor living structure specialists. We’ve built hundreds of dazzling outdoor living spaces our clients enjoy and their neighbor’s envy. The staying power of our company is not by accident, it is well rooted in following best business practices which consistently produce satisfied customers and successful projects.

Family having drinks on deck

Best business practices include licensing, insurance and contracts to ensure peace of mind for our clients. As a leader in the outdoor living space building industry and an experienced, reputable contractor, we are licensed and fully insured with workers compensation and general liability insurance. This comprehensive coverage not only covers us while we are working but protects your premises regarding any potential construction-related accidents. In addition to this protection, when choosing to work with us, you’ll receive a detailed contract (which incorporates a price quote and project scope, a labeled project rendering, specification sheet and the most expansive customer protection plan/warranty in the industry before construction begins.

Deck 3D model and actual backyard deck

Our quality design service is geared toward bringing the backyard of your dreams to life an enjoyable experience. We take great pride in being the area ’s premier design and build firm for custom outdoor living spaces, and it shows in each of our one-of-a-kind projects! With An Archadeck Of Nashville Design — You Know What You’re Going To Get — Down To Every Detail! Our goal is to design and build a project that will not only meet but exceed your expectations and manage your project in a way that will let you enjoy the process as much as we do. Keep in mind, all of our quality standards are built to meet or exceed local codes. This includes industry best practices.

If you are thinking about adding an outdoor living project at your Nashville home and you want a professional firm to handle it, contact us today. We would love to talk about how we can serve you! You can reach us at (615) 640-3628, or send us an email at

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