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Is a re-deck project right for my deck? Choose a deck builder in Hartford and Fairfield counties to meet your specific deck renovation needs!

Central Connecticut deck builder, serving Rocky Hill, Simsbury, Madison, North Branford, Ridgefield, Guilford, and Wilton areas is happy to give your deck a refresh!

Do you love your deck? Has your deck served you well, but perhaps it’s seen better days? Maybe you have an aging deck and are unsure of its safety, and you’ve been thinking about a much-needed update? If your deck is structurally sound, a replacement may not be needed. Keeping your deck’s existing structure while replacing the boards and railings, otherwise known as a re-decking, can greatly improve your deck’s appearance and durability. If you’re considering a re-deck project to revamp your deck’s safety or appearance, you may be searching for an exceptional deck builder in Hartford and Fairfield counties.

Trust Archadeck of Hartford-Fairfield to update your deck’s quality with a re-deck. Re-decking is a perfect option for homeowners whose deck doesn’t require a full re-build, who prefer a cost-effective investment, are looking to save time on their project, or who simply want to update their deck’s look.

Before and after house deck
Give your deck a refresh when you re-deck with TimberTech AZEK deck boards.

How do I know if my deck should be re-decked or replaced?

Is your deck’s existing framework structurally safe? Do you prefer to keep your deck’s existing layout? If so, a re-deck may be the right option for you. However, if your deck’s structure is unstable, shows significant signs of wear, or is not up to code, a deck replacement is needed. As an experienced deck builder in Hartford and Fairfield counties, Archadeck can provide a complete deck inspection to determine your deck’s safety. If your deck’s structure is deemed safe and you’re looking to alter your deck’s appearance without worrying about an entire re-build, you may consider re-decking your deck. What other benefits are there to re-decking? We know a few!

Custom multi-level deck
If your deck’s framing is in good condition, a re-deck may be for you!

Re-decking your deck: A cost-effective alternative to re-building.

One of the major benefits to re-decking your deck is the cost savings. A re-deck can save homeowners up to 20-40% of the cost it takes to replace their deck. This is a great perk for homeowners desiring to upgrade the quality and visual appeal of their deck with composite deck boards, as re-decking is a great way to save on this upgrade.

Save time on your deck project when you choose Archadeck, a premier deck builder in Hartford and Fairfield counties.

Re-decking your deck does not require the time it takes to replace your deck. Because your deck’s main structure is not altered during a re-deck, permits are not typically required for this work. Not having to obtain permits from your local municipality can potentially save weeks’ worth of time. Construction also takes less time when re-decking; this means less time having your backyard under construction. Enjoy your new deck sooner and have it ready in time for any upcoming events on your calendar!

Before and after redecking
Re-decking can improve your deck’s strength and appearance.

Update your deck’s aesthetic appeal when you choose to re-deck.

Are you ready to make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood? Re-decking your deck can greatly improve your structure’s appearance. Replace old wooden deck boards with gorgeous TimberTech AZEK composite decking. Open up your deck’s view with new railings and sleek aluminum spindles. Placing your new deck boards in a diagonal direction can strengthen your deck. Whatever details and materials you choose, Central Connecticut’s deck builder, serving Rocky Hill, Simsbury, Madison, North Branford, Ridgefield, Guilford, and Wilton areas is happy to update your deck to last for many years.

If you’d like to find out if your deck is a good candidate for a re-deck, we’d love to hear from you. Call the experts at Archadeck of Hartford-Fairfield today to schedule your complimentary design consultation.