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Looking For Deck Builders In Fort Wayne? Look To Archadeck Of Fort Wayne

When it comes to Deck Builders In Fort Wayne, Archadeck Of Fort Wayne is the most trusted and reliable custom deck builder in town. We want to be your deck builder, and the more you know about Archadeck of Fort Wayne, the more you will want us, too.

At Archadeck of Fort Wayne, we’re proud to say we’ve been designing and building decks for homeowners throughout the Northeast Indiana region for more than two decades.

Our goal is the same today as it was 20 years ago: to bring the best in deck building to our clients. That includes not only the best design and craftsmanship but also the very best deck builder materials. When you think of decks, think of Archadeck of Fort Wayne.

Our expert Fort Wayne deck builder team led by Master Deck Builder, Craig Whitman, is so confident that when you meet with us, you’ll get a strong sense of the importance of using a professional deck design and build company. Our professionalism shines through in our customer service, our attention to detail, the quality of our work, and more.

Among Deck Builders In Fort Wayne, Archadeck Of Fort Wayne Stands Alone In Excellence

Archadeck is the deck builder Fort Wayne homeowners trust with their leisure time outdoors at home. Our deck designs are built to not only enhance your outdoor living enjoyment, but they are also crafted to turn heads.

As an award-winning outdoor living space deck builder, our projects have won many honors. You can rest assured a deck built by us is a true original. We don’t believe in “cookie cutter” decks that look like all the others on the block. We custom design to reflect your individual taste and aesthetic keeping the way you want to live outdoors in mind. This includes a space that enhances your home, landscape and lifestyle.

Archadeck Is The Premier Deck Builder In Fort Wayne That Specializes In Wooden And Low-Maintenance Decks, Designed With The Best Synthetics On The Market Today

Archadeck of Fort Wayne is a wood deck builder, a composite deck builder, and a synthetic deck builder. So, no matter what kind of deck you are looking for, we can custom design and build it for you – better than anyone else in town.

As a deck contractor, we are proficient with all of these materials and will help you determine which is the best choice for your deck. Some homeowners prefer wood decks and are not deterred by the maintenance chores required every year or two years to keep a wood deck looking beautiful.

Others have had their fill of sanding and staining or painting a wood deck and are looking for a change for deck builder material that is virtually free of any maintenance whatsoever. If you assume a composite or synthetic deck will be too expensive, a new low-maintenance deck may be more affordable than you realize.

If You Love The Look, Feel, Aromatics And Touch Of Wood Under Your Feet, This Deck Builder In Fort Wayne Has Exactly What You’re Looking For

Archadeck is the Deck Builder in Fort Wayne that custom designs and builds superior quality wood deck construction.

From pressure-treated wood to hardwoods, we work with a variety of wood materials for deck building. No matter what design you choose for your deck, we have solutions to complement your needs. Our wood deck designers will work with you to find the right materials for your taste, budget, and deck layout.

This Deck Builder In Fort Wayne Also Caters To Homeowners Who Would Rather Live Large On Their Backyard Decks Rather Than Have To Maintain Them Over The Years

In the tranquil and lovely neighborhoods of Fort Wayne, Indiana, where homes nestle in lush greenery and serenely beautiful landscapes, there's a growing trend among homeowners today to enhance their outdoor living spaces.

One of the most impactful ways to achieve this is by adding a new AZEK TimberTech low maintenance composite deck to the rear of your home.

Why AZEK TimberTech For This Deck Builder In Fort Wayne?

It is the absolute best for this important home improvement project as evidenced by the national home improvement magazines that sing its praises.

This acclaimed low maintenance decking stands out, not just for its exceptional beauty and durability, but also for its eco-friendly essence. Made from recycled materials, including reclaimed wood fibers and plastic, TimberTech decking helps reduce environmental impact by utilizing resources that would otherwise go to waste. This sustainable approach aligns with modern homeowners' desires for eco-conscious choices without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

For continuous outdoor comfort with shade, covered decks and low maintenance decks with pergolas in Fort Wayne are perfectly suited for AZEK TimberTech.

Our TimberTech/AZEK low maintenance decks are often a wide open space, but we can add some shade partitions to create an outdoor living room that feels much more private and intimate. To gain some privacy, shade, and style, be sure to ask your deck builder’s design consultant in Fort Wayne for ideas.

A Covered Deck Will Create That Additional Living Space You’ve Been Wishing For

With Archadeck, you can have the best of all worlds in outdoor living – fresh breezes and protection from the sun and inclement weather.

The ultimate, permanent solution for shade to protect your deck is to have this deck builder in Fort Wayne construct a roof cover. Attached to your house, a covered deck roof is perfect for a deck or patio that does not have a cover. We can construct a permanent, solid roof to transform it into a covered outdoor living space.

Redecking Gives Your Current Deck A New Lease On Life And Outdoor Living Luxury Here In Fort Wayne

Bringing old decks back to life is yet another specialty of this deck builder in Fort Wayne. If your home’s deck is showing signs of wear, age, and areas seem to be compromised, Archadeck Outdoor Living has you covered.

We are a Fort Wayne deck builder company that also offers redecking services that will revive the look of your current structure. Before you decide to tear down your current deck, consult with us about an outdoor deck renovation first. Our team can save you a whole lot of time, money, and hassle.

The first thing we need to do is determine if your current deck structure is right for redecking or if it needs replacement. We will do that for you during your complimentary redecking design consultation, which can be easily scheduled by phone by reaching our redecking specialists at 855-931-4746.

Our expert deck building and deck upgrade team will be able to fully assess your structure to help you save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on building a new deck. If your base and deck substructure is in good shape, your deck will most likely be a good candidate.

As part of our redecking checklist criteria, this will include:

• Verifying the quality of the original substructure

• Determining how that structure has degraded or weathered over time

• Checking to see if your deck is adhering to any new building codes

• Finding out if the footings are sagging or showing signs of wear

• Determining that the structure is properly attached to the home and in good condition

Furthermore, our Fort Wayne deck builder team can also enhance and expand on what you previously had. If you’d like to extend the current deck or add new features, our deck experts will be able to do that, as well. We can also accommodate a change in colors or materials.

Some common redecking enhancements include:

• Adding bench seating

• Upgrading railings and adding drink rails

• Installing a pergola or covered area

• Changing the direction or flow of the stairs for easier access

This Deck Builder In Fort Wayne Is Ready To Be At Your Service – With Pleasure

Call us today while Spring is still in its prime to schedule your complimentary design, build, expand or redecking consultation. Dial 855-931-4746 – or simply click this link right here to connect with us.

Craig Whitman, owner Archadeck of Fort Wayne.