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Custom Deck Features That Make Fort Wayne Outdoor Living Joyous

When we say we try to think of everything, we really do try to think of everything that will enhance your life and leisure on your new or improved outdoor living space.

Women on custom deck

Let’s face it. No family is alike. So no two decks should be alike. Each and every one is a unique respite from the indoors. Each is custom. Each adds value, in so many ways.

Custom Fort Wayne Deck Size Matters

Simple cookie cutter 10 by 10 decks? Nope. Geometrically square decks without any creative thinking about usability? No way. Decks that look and function like every other deck on your block? Definitely, no. That’s preposterous.

couple sitting out on custom deck

Our decks are intentionally and thoughtfully customized for each and every client, because deck size, scale, color, materials, and amenities matter. After all, you most likely plan on spending the better part of your life in your home – especially with the crazy real estate market today.

Don’t Move – Improve – The New Outdoor Living Motto

If you feel the need to branch out and enjoy more living space, just take a good look at your backyard.

With our professional design help, your wish list, and our combined imaginations, anything is possible. And we at Archadeck of Fort Wayne mean everything.

Do It Once And Do It Right – Or Build In Stages

The funny thing about building an outdoor space is that some folks just can’t see what is not already there. We get that.

custom outdoor round deck

So during your no-obligation design consultation, we’ll try to predict the future functionality and usability of your new deck as best we can – based on what you share with us. Once the size, shape, access points, stairs, bench seating, materials, and border is decided, next, we determine where we can add real value.

It’s when we think about additions or functional enhancements to compliment your new deck that you may not have thought about because those embellishments are not yet a part of your consciousness. But they soon will be!

two story deck

But for the sake of discussion, let’s say you decide you want us to build your new outdoor living space in stages. That’s cool, too. Whatever plan works for you, works for us. After all, once we start, we’re a team.

New Deck Amenities And Special Features You Are Sure To Love

Custom Deck Railings: For deck space delineation, safety, security, and style, Archadeck of Fort Wayne has a tremendous number of beautiful options – from practical to simply outstanding.

railing details

A high-demand addition to our deck railing installations of late is a drink rail. It’s perfect for people who like to talk with their hands while speaking. (Wink, wink) No seriously, it gives you and your guests a chance to rest your beverage deck-side without having to worry about where to put it while conversing.

custom drink rail

Custom Railing Material Choices: Here at Archadeck of Fort Wayne we offer cable rail in both vertical and horizontal installation formats, aluminum, low-maintenance rail, glass, and hog wire panels – the latter which is so incredibly popular right now and on trend.

custom hog wire deck

Storage Areas Under Decks: When the deck offers the space for additional outdoor storage, we will usually recommend that you take advantage of it. It’s a great way to conveniently store additional outdoor furniture and lawn and garden items when not in use. It keeps them close at hand and out of sight.

built in bench deck

Built-In Seating: A practical and highly functional addition to your deck may be built-in seating, usually along the perimeter of your new deck. Built-in seating can actually be added anywhere, as long as it augments the functionality of the space. We can even set up conversation area pods, which could make it quite fun. Another idea is building wide stairs on low-to-grade decks which can be used as optional seating areas for guest overflow – a terrific idea for large outdoor parties and family reunions.

outdoor porch lighting

Deck Lighting: To enhance the usability of your deck after sunset, we use deck lighting on many of our designs to enable extended enjoyment, safety, and for added ambiance even when the deck is not in use. Stringing festive bistro string lights overhead is just one great illumination addition.

Custom Deck Skirting: At Archadeck, surrounding your deck with lattice just won't do. It cheapens the look of your new home improvement investment. To that end, we offer a myriad of custom deck skirting options including solid board skirting which is all the rage in outdoor design.

custom multi-level deck

Areas Designated for Specific Uses: Whether it is an octagonal space for outdoor dining, or a bump-out area for grilling, we design with the utmost convenience and comfort in mind. These designated areas also enable good traffic flow on the deck.

A Custom Deck Building Company You’re Sure To Love

You need not have to take our word for it when we say we are the finest deck and outdoor living space builder around. Just read our client reviews. They speak volumes.

And speaking of speaking, we think it’s time for us to chat. Click here and let’s get started.

Craig Whitman, owner Archadeck of Fort Wayne.

Craig Whitman, owner Archadeck of Fort Wayne.