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Benefits of Adding A Porch

screened porch​ No matter where you live in Northeastern Indiana, you might enjoy life a little more if you had a new porch. Have you been giving some thought to adding a porch to your home? Archadeck of Fort Wayne is your go-to porch builder in this part of Indiana. We don’t just build porches; we design and build them. Why? Because we want to be absolutely sure your new porch complements your home and fulfills the function you have in mind for it. Meeting those objectives is part of our custom design process.

What kind of porch do you have in mind for your home? Front porch, back porch, covered porch, screened porch, wrap-around porch? Side porch? What about porches for over front doors? You could call that an upstairs porch or a second-story porch. If you already have a porch but feel the need to add another one on a different part of your home, that’s alright! It’s perfectly acceptable for a home to have more than one porch. These days when everyone is in a hurry, homes with porches can seem a bit cozier and more welcoming. Spending time on a porch can remind us to slow down and appreciate what we have.

Benefits of Having a Porch

screened porch​While different types of porches might offer specific benefits according to type, all porches have these benefits in common:

Shade. By definition, a porch has a roof, so it protects you from the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays. No matter how hot it is outdoors, you will be cooler in the shade of a porch.

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Protection from rain. It’s safe to plan birthday parties and other get-togethers on a porch because you don’t need to worry about being rained out. It’s also great to have a porch in addition to a deck or patio. If you plan your activities for the open area, you can always move to the porch in the event of rain.

screened porch

A way to enjoy the breeze, any time. Nothing provides more relief on a still, warm day—or evening—than a ceiling fan. We see plenty of days in Northeastern Indiana when it’s too warm to enjoy the outdoors without a breeze. With a porch, you have a ceiling. With a ceiling, you can have a ceiling fan for refreshing breezes whenever you want them.

screened porch

More time outdoors. People who have porches enjoy spending more time outdoors. A porch offers you the protection you want while allowing you to be outside, closer to nature, instead of closed off or cooped up indoors.

An outdoor room. A covered porch is a room that’s outdoors, open and airy. Whether it’s screened or not, it’s a place where you can set up all the creature comforts you want to enjoy outdoors. You aren’t limited to a simple ceiling fan. You can install subtle lighting for ambiance or task lighting if you enjoy reading on your porch at night. You can incorporate even more amenities, like a TV and an outdoor kitchen or bar. Once you have a covered space, you are only limited by your imagination. Maybe all you want—besides lighting and a fan—is a refrigerator for cold drinks and speakers for your sound system. You can also furnish your porch as you would an indoor room with comfortable chairs and/or a dining table and chairs for outdoor meals.

screened porch

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Benefits of Using a Professional Porch Builder

screened porch​The benefits of having a professional porch builder design and build your porch addition are significant. Porches for houses are not simple, structurally, although they may look easy enough to build. No matter the porch types or covered porches, the roof tie-in alone is reason to work with a professional builder.

  • You’ll be certain of getting high-quality, reliable porch construction.
  • You’ll have a porch that’s custom designed for the uses you have in mind.
  • Your porch will be sized to accommodate the ways you intend to use it.
  • With a professional porch builder, you’ll know where to find them if anything goes wrong.
  • With Archadeck of Fort Wayne, not only will you know where to find us, you’ll also get warranties on everything we design and build. You won’t get that with any other porch builder in Northeastern Indiana.

Whether you’re looking at porches for bungalows, porches with fireplaces, back porches or front porches, Archadeck of Fort Wayne is the company you want to work with. Our high professional standards will ensure you’ll have a porch you can be proud of. We are the area’s premier designer and builder of porches for houses on the front and back yard porches, too.

If you’re ready to explore possibilities for adding the porch of your dreams, start a conversation with us today. You can reach us at (855) 931-4746!

owner of archadeck fort wayne crian whitman
— Craig Whitman, owner at Archadeck of Fort Wayne.