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Top 5 Fort Wayne Shade Structures to Cool Your Summer Down!

Family enjoying time on patio

You wait a long time for spring and summer and then, when the novelty of bright, warm days wears off, do you find yourself complaining about the heat? Not all the time, of course, but as summer marches on, would you give almost anything for a patch of shade?

If you’re already looking for a cooling trend in the weather report, Archadeck of Fort Wayne has some ideas about shade you’ll love. Here are our Top 5 ways you can order up some shade for summertime outdoor living in comfort.

#1) Add a new covered porch – with a ceiling fan, or two, of course!

Custom covered porch with staircase

With a covered porch, you can enjoy the outdoors with the protection of a ceiling and a roof between you and the sun. Today’s sun worshippers know that UV rays can damage skin and create problems many years after exposure. Sitting or lounging on your covered porch, you can enjoy the sun without being bombarded by it. Have your porch wired for a ceiling fan and add lighting so you can enjoy the cooler evening temperatures out on your porch, too. Not to mention a covered porch is a great place for an outdoor kitchen! Porch builder Archadeck of Fort Wayne can custom design a beautiful covered porch that looks original to your home.

#2) Turn your patio into a covered patio – or let us build one from scratch

Seating area on covered patio

You do not need to offer yourself up as a blistered human on a sun-drenched patio during the Indiana summers! Nor should you have to stay indoors to avoid the sun. Let Fort Wayne patio designer Archadeck of Fort Wayne create a covered patio you can enjoy whether the forecast calls for sun or rain. We can tie the patio cover into your home’s roof or design one that’s free-standing. The ideal patio cover will shade a portion of your patio for shade in the daytime while leaving a portion open to the stars at night. Are you thinking of adding an elevated deck to your home? Let us design your deck with a dry space underneath to use as your covered patio. Brilliant!

#3) Join the pergola fan club when you add a pergola to your deck or patio

Cozy custom deck with pergola

Pergolas are immensely popular because they’re more than shade structures. A low-maintenance pergola adds flair and a vertical element to an otherwise horizontal outdoor structure like a deck or patio. The secret to having the right pergola design is being very clear about how much shade you desire, because many pergolas are primarily decorative and provide little shade. As your pergola builder, Archadeck of Fort Wayne can adjust your pergola design to provide the shade you’re looking for.

#4) Amp up your pergola’s shade quotient by making it a covered pergola

Covered porch with covered furnitures

If a traditional pergola won’t provide enough shade for you, we recommend a covered pergola. There are several ways to cover a pergola! Some are barely noticeable (yet effective) while others add a dramatic splash of color to your outdoor living space. Let us match you with the perfect type of pergola cover for your home. From canvas or shade cloth to polycarbonate sheeting that filters the sun’s UV rays – and even some of the heat – your biggest decision will be what color to select.

#5) Add the shade solution homeowners have relied on for generations: a screened porch

Custom deck and screened porch

Fort Wayne, IN, homeowners know screened porches never go out of style! The screened porch is still extremely versatile, functional, and altogether practical. Custom screened porch contractor Archadeck of Fort Wayne can help you select materials for your porch design that reflect your personal tastes and style. The result will be a custom-designed porch that provides maximum shade while also protecting your family from pesky insects and summer rain showers. Add a ceiling fan – or two! – for a pleasant breeze and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be on a summer afternoon. Rocking chairs or ergonomic outdoor lounge chairs, now that’s up to you!

Exterior view of screened porch with outdoor lounge chairs

Archadeck of Fort Wayne is northeast Indiana’s premier designer and builder of beautiful shade structures. If you are interested in learning how we can incorporate shade into your outdoor living space, call us today at (855) 931-4746.

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— Craig Whitman, owner at Archadeck of Fort Wayne.