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Decatur IN Deck and Pergola Combo, Low-Maintenance, Top to Bottom

When will you need to replace your composite deck, and what will you choose to replace it with? Archadeck of Fort Wayne is here to help you evaluate your older composite deck and help you decide what material to use for its replacement.

Custom backyard low maintenance deck with railing and pergola

Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Many homeowners are just now trying to decide between wood decks and low-maintenance decks built with composite and synthetic materials. For some of us, it’s hard to imagine composite decks needing to be replaced already, because they last so long.

Depending on your perspective, composite decking has either been around “forever”—or it’s “that new stuff they build decks with.” Either way you look at it, even composite decking needs to be replaced eventually. Trex introduced the first composite decking in 1992. Yes, 1992! Plenty of today’s homeowners weren’t even born yet in 1992. Plenty of the first composite decks have already been replaced with newer ones, or they soon will be. Meanwhile, as time is running out for those early composite decks, the manufacturers of composite and synthetic decking have been refining their products over the years.

Decatur, IN, Deck Replacement

These homeowners in Decatur, IN, chose deck builder Archadeck of Fort Wayne to replace their existing composite deck. What they had was an early Trex deck. This composite deck had reached the end of its useful life. They decided to replace it with synthetic decking from TimberTech AZEK.

Custom backyard low maintenance deck with railing and pergola

If you’re uncertain about the difference between composite and synthetic decking, you’re not alone. Some people use the terms interchangeably, but they are not the same things. Composite decking is manufactured from recycled wood and plastic. Synthetic decking is made from plastic, specifically PVC. Synthetic decking is the more expensive of the two and has longer warranties.

Our clients chose the beautiful Slate Gray color of TimberTech AZEK decking. For a contrasting railing and pickets, they chose a Westbury aluminum rail in black. The combination is stunning.

Pergolas are Pretty—and Functional, Too!

A white pergola completes the scene, defining the space vertically and actually creating two areas on the deck. While Archadeck of Fort Wayne does design and build custom pergolas, this is a low-maintenance vinyl pergola from Mount Hope.

Custom backyard low maintenance deck with railing and pergola

The pergola will provide shade for the portion of the deck closest to the house, and this area will feel like a “room” under the pergola. The homeowners will enjoy shade whenever they want it, and the rest of the deck will be open to the sky. This deck is large enough to use as two spaces or one. How they furnish the two areas will determine their function and whether they’re perceived as two areas or one.

Does seeing this deck and pergola combination give you some ideas about improving your own outdoor living space? For more about pergolas and decks, see our page about the benefits of having a pergola integrated into your custom deck design.

Repairing Damage from the Old Deck

When we’re replacing a deck, it’s not unusual to uncover damage to the home. Hidden by the first deck, the damage is revealed when the old deck is removed. In this case, we found rot around the door that led to the deck from the home. These situations can be fixed! We repaired the damage with a new I-joist, an application of ice and water shield, and new flashing.

Custom backyard low maintenance deck with railing and pergola

Our Decatur, IN, clients are thrilled with their new deck and pergola combination. They see a long, lazy summer ahead and plan to spend much of it outside on their new deck.

Archadeck of Fort Wayne is now taking appointments for virtual design consultations. We’re able to use video conferencing for meetings and electronic signatures for contracts.

Archadeck of Fort Wayne is northeast Indiana’s premier designer and builder of beautiful, high-quality outdoor living spaces. If you are interested in learning how we can design the perfect deck and pergola for your outdoor living space, call us today at (855) 931-4746.