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Charlotte Patio Builder

Are you searching for a Charlotte patio builder?

If you’ve been searching for a Charlotte patio builder who is going to walk you through the benefits and features of building a patio, Archadeck of Charlotte is here to help. Archadeck of Charlotte has been building patios for over 30 years, making them your trusted contractor in the Charlotte area. This blog will walk you through the different benefits of building a patio to help you decide if a patio is the right choice for you!

When deciding if a patio is the right outdoor living space for you, here are a list of questions to consider.

  1. Do you prefer the aesthetic of a patio vs a deck?
  2. Do you want to incorporate a fire-pit in your outdoor living space?
  3. Is your back door low to grade?
  4. Do you have existing landscaping you’d like to work around?
  5. Are you looking for a separated outdoor spaces?

Let’s look into each detail a little further to understand why each question is important to consider.

  1. Do you prefer the aesthetic of a patio vs. a deck

Decks are typically rectangular in shape with limited customization opportunity. A patio offers you freedom when designing the shape. You can design a rectangular patio or an organic shape that flows with your yard. Patios can be curved which allows them to flow differently than a deck. Patios also have a much different look than a deck. A deck offers your wood or composite material while a patio gives you a stone or paver look. Deciding which aesthetic is a better fit for you is completely your choice.

Retaining Wall Stacked Stone and Flagstone

  1. Do you want to incorporate a fire-pit in your outdoor living space?

A main reason homeowners chose to build a patio over a deck is to build a fire-pit. A fire pit lengthens the amount of time you can spend enjoying your outdoor space. It’s a central spot to warm up on chilly nights, to enjoy more intimate conversation, and it creates a separated space from the rest of the patio. Another reason homeowners add fire pits to their patio is to enjoy the fun and delicious flavors of making s’mores! A fire pit adds an extra warm and cozy gathering spot to your patio to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Stone Fire Pit Patio Builder Charlotte NC

  1. Is you back door low to grade?

Do you only have a few steps out into your backyard from your patio door? If yes, a patio is probably going to be the best type of outdoor project for you. A patio is a low-to grade project that is great for creating a unified space with your yard. If you are considering building a low to grade deck vs a patio, chances are you will be saving money by investing in a patio.

Inset Circle and Stoop Patio

  1. Do you have existing landscaping you’d like to work around?

If you have existing landscaping that you don’t want to remove to build your outdoor living space, a patio is a great solution. Patios are able to curve making them a great option for working around old trees, blooming flowers, or anything else that you want to maintain. When building a deck you aren’t able to preserve existing landscaping as easily because you are limited in terms of shape. Also, if you have a tree you’d like to preserve and you build a deck, you run the risk of hitting a root while digging and the tree dying.

Open Porch Seat Wall Firepit

  1. Are you looking for separated outdoor spaces?

One benefit of a patio is that you are able to create multiple spaces all in the same area. You’re able to add different shapes and sizes on your patio helping you separate different functions of each space. For example, you may create a circle design on the edge of your patio for you fire-pit, this is called an inset circle and it allows your space to feel separated while still being a few steps away from the main patio.