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Charlotte porch builder explains what type of porch is right for you!

Have you been thinking about adding a porch to your home but can’t decide on what type of porch build is right for you?

Understanding the different types of porches and the benefits they offer is the first step in deciding what kind of porch is the right fit for you. Archadeck of Charlotte builds 3 different types of porches (not including front porches). The 3 porch styles include; Screened-in-porch, 4-track window (commonly known as EZE-Breeze) porch, & open porches.

Open Porch with Fireplace

Open porch with a built in fireplace, electrical, and exposed rafters.

Let’s take a closer look into the benefits of these 3 different porches


A screened-in porch is an outdoor living structure that provides a roof over your head and screens for walls. This is a great option for homeowners who want to be able to enjoy the fresh breeze while still being protected from outdoor elements. A screened in porch is not a home addition, it is an outdoor living space that provides the luxury of feeling like you’re inside while enjoying your backyard. Some benefits of a screened in porch include;

• Protection from weather elements

• Protection from bugs

• Protection from harsh winds

• Keeps out debris/leaves

• Provides privacy

Charlotte Screened in Porch Builder

Screened in porch with exposed rafters, pressure treated flooring, & electrical configurations

If you’re looking for something that offers a bit more coverage, the next porch style is going to be a great option!

4 track window Porch

Much like a screened porch, a porch built with vertical 4 track windows is very similar but instead of screens for walls, it is built with custom made vertical 4-track windows. These types of windows are commonly known as EZE-breeze windows but EZE-Breeze is actually just one brand of vertical 4-track windows. There are other companies who custom make the same type of product. These windows are made of vinyl, they allow you to choose how much airflow you’d like, and they are easy to maintain! One thing to consider when comparing a screened in porch vs. a 4 track window porch is the cost, typically a 4 track window porch is going to run a higher dollar. Here are some additional benefits of an EZE-breeze porch:

• Protection from weather elements

• Protection from bugs

• Blocks out harsh winds

• Keeps debris/eaves out

• Provides privacy

• You control the level of airflow

• Windows are easy to clean & maintain

Porch with vertical 4-track windows in white

Porch with vertical 4-track windows in white

• More customizable (custom built & has various color options)

Open Porch

Unlike a screened-in-porch or 4-track window porch, an open porch doesn’t have any screens or windows. An open porch provides a roof over your head with open walls. This is a great option if you want to enjoy the luxury of a roof structure but you don’t want to be constrained by any walls. An open porch can still have electrical configurations and it can have heating elements inside as well which help to extend the usage. Some benefits of an open porch include:

• Protection from weather elements

• Open view

• A seamless flow into the rest of your space

• Less maintenance & repair

• Cost saver (depends on the specifics of your project)

Open porch with a paver patio floor & electrical for string lights & TV hookup.

Open porch with a paver patio floor & electrical for string lights & TV hookup.

Now it’s time to select the right Charlotte porch builder for you!

Understanding your needs and wants will help you narrow down your choices when choosing between the different types of porches. Archadeck of Charlotte is a custom design & build company which means you have full customization in designing a porch to fit your vision. One great thing about working with professionals like Archadeck of Charlotte is that they are able to take your ideas, your needs, your wants, and work with the style of your home, making your porch fit seamlessly within your space.

If you’re ready to decide what type of porch style is best for you, give our office a call!