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Should I Build a Wood Deck?

If you are considering having a new deck built for your Charlotte area home, you have likely considered the benefits of building a wood deck versus a composite deck. There are a few reasons that wood decks are still popular today, even with the wide selection of composite materials available.

At Archadeck of Charlotte, building a wood deck does not mean that you are building a basic deck. Archadeck decks are anything but standard. Every wood deck that we build is custom-designed to suit the needs of each client. Our wood decks are beautifully-designed and built to last, just like our composite decks. Many Charlotte area homeowners choose to build wood decks! What sways their decision to do so?

Family of four hanging out on their deck, graphic logo says, Charlotte's Outdoor Living Expert 30 Years, Better Building by Design
Custom Archadeck wood deck design

Wood Decks Offer a Good Return on Investment.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, wood decks can have an 80% return on their initial investment. This is especially important if you are planning to build a wood deck on your home, but plan on selling your home in the coming years. If you plan to live in your home much longer, a composite deck might better suit your investment, as you will be investing in the way you permanently enjoy your space. The average lifespan of a wood deck is around 10 years if well-maintained.

four adults sitting hanging out on deck
Custom wood deck design by Archadeck

Wood Decks Are Steeped in Unmatched Traditional Appeal.

Perhaps you recall spending time with loved-ones on your grandparents’ wood deck growing up. Maybe you remember trips to the Carolina coast, and the seaside boardwalks and piers with fondness, weathering boards underfoot. Perhaps the timpani of your own children’s or grandchildren’s feet on your wood deck today will call to mind the fun times running and playing with childhood friends and relation. This is the traditional appeal that cannot be accomplished with anything but a wood deck. It is not as much about how the deck looks, but how you feel when you are on it. If you long for a deck that brings you back to days of old, a wood deck should be your choice.

two adults and five kids sitting around a table on their deck
Make new family memories on a traditional wood deck

Should You Build Your Own Wood Deck?

One thing about traditional wood decks and porches, which might not fill you with joy, is the thought of constructing your deck yourself. Many decks of old were hand-built by the homeowners and their families. While you might be considering building your own wood deck, Archadeck of Charlotte implores you to reconsider. Why should you hire Archadeck to be your deck builder?

family hanging out on their deck
Trust Archadeck of Charlotte to build your new deck

hammer with nails scattered around it​Building Your Own Deck Has Exorbitant Risks

Archadeck of Charlotte has been a fully-licensed and insured deck design and build company for over 30 years. When we design and build your deck, you will know that it has been engineered to exceed local building codes, and to the highest possible quality. Additionally, you will not risk injury to yourself or your deck building helpers by allowing Archadeck of Charlotte to do it all for you.

Deck Permitting and Inspections

man holding roll of construction drawingsArchadeck of Charlotte is a full-service deck builder. This means that we will acquire all necessary permitting for your new deck. Additionally, your deck will undergo construction inspections to ensure that it is properly built and attached to your home. We also work closely with homeowners’ associations to ensure that your new deck design is acceptable to community building standards.

Warranties and Financing

graphic of spinning blade with text, Financing Available Click to Learn MoreArchadeck of Charlotte offers a one-year workmanship warranty, and structural warranty of five years. In addition, if for any reason Archadeck of Charlotte would become unable to complete your project, Archadeck’s corporate guarantees that your project will be completed to the exact specifications and price. Add to that, Archadeck offers reasonable financing options for your custom-designed deck. So, dream big, and we’ll build it!

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Are you searching for a wood deck builder near Charlotte? Archadeck of Charlotte is ready to help you design and build the deck you long for! Call us at (704) 850-6104 or email us at