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Flooring Considerations for Charlotte Porches

Archadeck of Charlotte has built many porches over the last 30 years, and flooring choices are as varied as our clients. Many folks begin with their desired aesthetic – most have an idea of the look and style they want for their porch. When choosing a porch floor, we recommend options for maintenance and performance, pricing, and aesthetics.

Maintenance and performance are important considerations when choosing a porch flooring material. How much time do you have to spend on maintaining your porch floor? How long will it last, and how will it stand up to constant use? If you are looking for a low-maintenance floor, TimberTech composite decking and other materials, such as ceramic tile flooring are ample choices. These choices are also top performers when it comes to busy outdoor living areas, in that they stand up spills, dropped items, and exposure to the elements.

Charlotte Trex deck and porch
This Charlotte deck and porch design feature low-maintenance composite flooring throughout. Not only does the composite flooring tie the two outdoor living spaces together, but it will offer these Charlotte homeowners the benefits of true low-maintenance. This deck will never require sanding or staining, and will be beautiful for 25 years or more!

Charlotte screened porch with tile floor
This traditional brick Charlotte screened porch features a low-maintenance wood-look ceramic tile flooring, which is installed in a distinctive herringbone pattern. This floor will offer ease of cleaning with a simple sweep/vacuum and mop-up every so often and will withstand many years of use.

Pricing for your porch flooring is also a major consideration. Archadeck of Charlotte understands that budgets are always on the minds of our clients when choosing building materials. Cost-effective choices, such as pavers, travertine tile, and traditional wood decking are great for porch projects with budgetary concerns. Pressure-treated wood or cedar will require maintenance every couple of years to keep them looking great.

Charlotte porch with wood floor
This beautiful Charlotte porch was built with pressure-treated wood, and looks great in its natural finish! This porch and extra-wide steps that transition from the porch to the back yard will require sanding every year or two to maintain its beauty, and to rid the surface of any splintering.

The cost can be a long-term consideration, as well. Will you be sanding, painting, or staining your wood porch flooring, or will you hire a professional? Wood can last a very long time with proper care and maintenance, but if you are not willing to perform the maintenance or to pay to have it done, pavers or tile are great low-maintenance choices.

Charlotte porch with Travertine floor
This gorgeous Charlotte porch features an expansive travertine tile floor, which can be easily kept clean with regular sweeping and even a periodic garden hose spray if necessary. Travertine is a very popular choice for patios and porches in the Charlotte area for its low environmental impact, its low-maintenance benefits, and its natural beauty!

Charlotte porch with wood floor
This Charlotte porch and deck design feature a richly-stained wood flooring, paired with the exterior stone and masonry to give it a rustic aesthetic. This porch and deck will require future maintenance in sanding to eliminate splinters, and re-staining every year or two, depending on wear.

As mentioned above, aesthetics is a very important concern for homeowners, who are looking for a unique and beautiful outdoor living space! As the most experienced porch builder in the Charlotte area, we can work with you to achieve your desired appearance, while keeping in mind the cost and maintenance needs of your porch flooring materials.

Charlotte porch with Belgard paver flooring
This Charlotte screened porch features a Belgard paver floor. This floor will be very easily maintained to keep it clean. Since the porch is screened, debris will be far less likely to impede the space. Clean-up will be mainly to keep the dust and pollen at bay when necessary. Pavers are an exceptional choice for porch flooring, and can add an element of beautiful customization, as you see here with the natural stone colors you would find in a natural stone product!

Are you considering a custom porch for your Charlotte area home? Archadeck of Charlotte is ready to design and build a porch that is perfectly suited to your tastes, maintenance preferences, and budget! Give us a call at (704) 850-6104.