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What are my options for a pool deck?

Custom pool patio with hot tub deck

What are the options for a pool deck?

Traditionally, the original pools were surrounded by concrete and these were referred to as “pool decks”. As technology and imagination evolved, many other options have come to be. If you have an above ground pool, there are traditional wood decks that are built with stairways to access them and often large enough to house lounge chairs and tables. Today, composite decks such as Trex, are used to avoid maintenance and also from a safety staindpoint as composite decks cannot splinter. They are also more slip resistant.

If the pool is built into the ground, their are products such as “Cool Deck”, this is a hardscape product that will not get hot to the foot. There can be problems with cracking, similar to concrete and it a very expensive proposition.

Other hardscape products that are being used around pools include pavers (like the one featured above) and Travertine pavers. Travertine provides a rich look similar to tile while not being a slippery. We have done many pool decks throughout our 28 year history in Charlotte and you can find pool deck ideas at