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Does Your Contractor Check Every Box from Start to Finish?

Does your contractor check every box from start to finish? Archadeck does.

As a full-service contractor, Archadeck offers specific benefits that are simply unmatched by other design or build contractors. Down to the last detail, we specialize in better building by design, which makes our custom outdoor living solutions second to none.

When we say “full service,” we mean you get full service, and our full attention, from start to finish. From our design experts who help you create your plan and hand-select premium materials and finishes, to our professional contractors who take charge from permits and planning to your final walk-through — and everything in between — we’re with you every step of the way.

If the contractor you’re considering for your next outdoor living project can’t offer you the same, you may want to think twice.


Archadeck offers peace of mind and protection for you and your project. Our experts handle every detail from custom design through construction, even taking care of the complex permitting process. Our local knowledge and local presence are backed by national-level experience and a decades-long reputation for excellence. And we can even help you find financing to make your dream outdoor living space a reality.

1. Protection & Peace of Mind

In addition to our best-in-class design and construction, what sets us apart is the peace of mind our clients have knowing they’re protected and every detail is taken care of.

We dot every I and cross every T, including what you see and what you don’t. We do our due diligence to ensure all the behind-the-scenes details are covered. Licensing. Permits. Inspections. Liability coverage. Insurance. Warranties. So you can be confident we’ve covered quality control, safety and risk protection.

In fact, your project is backed by two warranties — one from us and one from the National Guarantee Corporation. Our Archadeck warranty includes a one-year edge-to-edge workmanship warranty and a five-year structural warranty. The National Guarantee Corporation guarantees your structures will be completed to the agreed-upon specifications — no matter what — and provides an independent guarantee of warranty performance. Plus, each Archadeck location maintains a minimum of $1 million in liability coverage and full workers’ compensation insurance to protect you from any mishaps on the job.

Learn more about how we compare to others in our “The Clear Choice from Start to Finish” checklist.

2. One-Stop Completely Custom Design & Build

With a single point of contact, we help you bring your vision into focus, and then we make it a reality. You never have to go anywhere else. This is a huge plus, especially if your dream outdoor living space involves a combination of projects — like a sunroom plus a deck, or a patio with a pergola plus an outdoor kitchen. We do it all.

At Archadeck, we design for you. Our complimentary design consultation comes with no obligation to you. Every design decision is about you, your style, your preferences, your goals and your dreams. If you’re ready to start dreaming, download our free design guide here.

When we say “custom,” we mean it. Your design is uniquely your own. Our experts create designs as individual as you are. Never cookie-cutter, your design will reflect your personal sense of comfort, convenience and style. Your final design will fit your home’s existing architecture and aesthetics as well as your budget.

As builders, we’re meticulous about your work. When it comes to permitting, which can be time-consuming and complex, we do all the leg work so you never have to give it a second thought. Our professional contractors are trained, licensed and certified in their areas of expertise. And each one follows our Job Process Methodology, which ensures exemplary attention to detail to produce stunning, well-built, long-lasting results.

3. Local & National Expertise

We’re dedicated to upholding our national reputation for quality, professionalism, and service and design excellence right in our own backyard.

Local presence and local knowledge are integral to our success. Only local professionals intimately understand the dynamics of local terrain, weather and climate. You can count on your local Archadeck team to be on site for every stage of your project. And they’ll be on hand long afterward, if you have a question — and when you’re ready to start your next project.

Our trained, licensed local contractors are not only fully versed in local code requirements, they’re backed by Archadeck’s exacting standards, professional code of conduct and decades of proven experience.

As the locally owned independent franchise of a nationally recognized market leader, we’re proud to be part of our local community. We live, work and play where you do. We support our local economy. Yet we’re also part of North America’s largest outdoor living space builder, giving you all the advantages an established national company brings to the table, including a long history of satisfied clients.

4. Financing Options

Archadeck can do what many contractors just can’t — help you find the financing to make your outdoor living dream a reality.

Archadeck’s range of financing options — same-as-cash, low interest rate loans, and flexible payment terms — will help you stop dreaming about your new outdoor living space, and start living your dream today. Apply online, by phone or on our app. Learn more on our web page “Finance Your Outdoor Living Space.”


Does your contractor check every box from start to finish? Remember Archadeck does.

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At Archadeck, count on our design experts to help you customize your deck to your lifestyle and budget and create an outdoor living area that’s uniquely you. Our local owners use only premium products and trained, licensed contractors, and are backed by Archadeck’s exacting standards, professional code of conduct and three decades of proven experience as North America’s largest deck, porch and patio builder. Contact your local Archadeck today to get started at (888) 687-3325