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Make Your Vacation Rental More Attractive in 2024

Good news! Travel is trending up for 2024, according to a brand-new survey from Hilton. In fact, according to the survey, travelers are planning to reduce their personal spending to prioritize leisure travel in the year ahead.

Whether you already have a rental property listed on VRBO or Airbnb, or you’re planning to invest in one in the coming year, let’s look at ways to make your vacation rental more attractive in 2024. By providing amenities guests want, you’ll enhance your guest experience, increasing your bookings with new and repeat guests as well as empowering you to charge more for your vacation rental.


Did you know travelers recently ranked a vacation rental’s indoor and outdoor amenities as more important than the destination itself? In an Expedia survey, 67 percent of respondents said so.

So what do guests want in a vacation rental when they’re booking through places like VRBO and Airbnb? Here’s a list of 9 ways to make your vacation rental more attractive in 2024 — a list focusing specifically on outdoor living amenities that are right up Archadeck’s alley.

1. Extra Space for Work & Workouts

Today’s travelers are looking for space for two things, according to Logify: work and working out. Business travelers, and those who blend vacations with remote work, need quiet spaces with desks to get work done. In fact, Forbes recently identified “bleisure” travel — blending business and leisure — as a top travel trend for 2024. More and more guests are also seeking space to do basic workouts like yoga while traveling. To give your vacation rental some bonus square footage, consider adding a sunroom, 3-season room, or screened porch for your business and fitness-focused guests.

woman sitting outsite

2. Grills/Barbecues

Grills or barbecues are a mainstay on must-have amenities lists for vacation rentals, including Lodgify and Superhog. In fact, Superhog lists a grill as a key element of a “stocked kitchen.” Make sure your vacation rental not only has a grill but an attractive spot for firing it up — like a deck or patio, or even a built-in outdoor kitchen your guests are sure to love.

3. Outdoor Kitchens

When it comes to outdoor cooking, guests want the whole enchilada — a full outdoor kitchen for cooking and entertaining. Kitchens consistently rank as a top priority among short-term renters, and in fact are a main reason they choose rentals over hotels. VRBO’s 2023 travel trends report listed outdoor kitchens as a trending must-have for vacation travelers. Outdoor kitchens offer convenience and fun for travelers who enjoy cooking or just want to chill out without going out to eat. At Archadeck, we can help you design an outdoor kitchen to wow guests in your listing photos and, even more importantly, once they’re on-site.

outdoor bbq area

4. Pools & Hot Tubs

Private pools and hot tubs are always high on wish lists for vacation travelers, and guests looking for VRBO and Airbnb rentals are no different. Invest in ensuring your guests’ experience is second to none by making your rental’s pool or hot tub the centerpiece of a remarkable outdoor living area with an updated deck or patio, poolside pergola, water features, walkways, and more.

5. Firepits/Fireplaces

VRBO lists fireplaces and firepits as a key family-friendly outdoor amenity to consider for your vacation rental. Fire features also make a perfect spot to gather friends, curl up with a significant other, or just get cozy for some self-care time. Add a firepit to your rental’s backyard, patio, deck, or porch. The addition of a fireplace to an outdoor space like a covered porch or patio also creates the feel of an outdoor living room where your guests can do everything from roast marshmallows to watch a movie. Learn more about choosing a fire feature on our blog “Get Fired Up: Choosing a Fire Feature for Your Deck, Porch, or Patio.”

chairs around a firepit outside

6. Sun Protection

Families want shaded areas when they’re outside, according to VRBO. And it’s no surprise, because it’s no fun when you can’t escape from the hot sun. To give your guests relief, choose permanent options like a gazebo, roof extension, or a full roof over a deck or patio. You can also consider other options like a pergola, awning, or sail shade. Explore all of Archadeck’s options on our blog “How To Add Shade to Your Deck, Porch, or Patio.”

7. Balconies

If you’re limited on outdoor space, consider adding a balcony or small deck to your rental, so guests have somewhere to sit outside with their morning coffee or evening cocktails. Lodgify lists balconies as an attractive amenity for vacation rental travelers.

deck off of master bedroom

8. Outdoor Seating Areas

From decks and patios with comfy chairs to the option for al fresco dining, outdoor seating is a top must-have amenity for Airbnb renters, according to Superhog. Archadeck can help you create outdoor living areas that maximize your space, complement your architecture, and create the outdoor experiences your guests are looking for. Get inspired with a list of our mix-and-match options for a custom combination space on our blog “Archadeck Can Handle Your Custom Combination Projects.”

9. Accessibility

For travelers who need accessibility, like wheelchair users, your vacation rental can really stand out if you take some extra measures, according to Logify. Outside, Archadeck can help create accessibility for decks and entries with ramps in addition to, or instead of, stairs. Angled walkways and hard-surface pathways are also important for accessibility while your guests are outside.

Amenities matter: a whopping 97 percent of U.S. travelers say amenities impact their travel experience. By providing more of the outdoor amenities guests want, you can make your vacation rental more attractive in 2024. We’re ready to help you get started!

At Archadeck, count on our design experts to help you customize your deck to your lifestyle and investment goals and create an outdoor living area that’s uniquely you. Our local owners use only premium products and trained, licensed contractors, and are backed by Archadeck’s exacting standards, professional code of conduct and three decades of proven experience as North America’s largest deck, porch and patio builder. Contact your local Archadeck today to get started.