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Archadeck + TimberTech = Triple Warranty for Your Composite Deck

An Exclusive Decking Partnership

Summertime is prime time for making the most of your backyard. That means it’s also prime time for deck building! (And if summer’s just too hot to be outside where you live, go ahead and get that new deck now, so you’re ready to enjoy it when the weather cools down.)

Whether you’re interested in transforming your outdoor living space by building a whole-new deck or you want to update a deck you already have, our experts have the know-how you need to design and build a deck to match your budget — and your dreams.

Before you get too deep into dreaming about the design of your new deck, there’s one key question to answer: Will you choose wood or composite decking?

Archadeck’s exclusive partnership with TimberTech makes choosing composite decking easier than ever before, thanks to incredible warranty protection that’s simply unmatched by other contractors. Period.

The Archadeck + TimberTech Triple Warranty

Over the years, composite decking has grown in popularity despite its traditionally higher cost than standard pressure-treated natural wood. In 2020, that cost scenario was turned on its head. The 2020-21 lumber shortage and price spike, plus factors that will likely keep the price of wood high through at least September 2022, and possibly longer, have closed that cost gap.

The result? Choosing between composite and wood today is more about benefits and less about cost.

When it comes to benefits, warranties are the unsung heroes of the sales world, no matter what you’re buying. For smart consumers, however, warranties make a world of difference.

Exclusively in partnership with Archadeck, TimberTech has upped the ante on its labor warranties across all three of its product categories, more than tripling the value to homeowners like you. That’s right, more than tripling the value by more than tripling the length of the warranty.

Standard TimberTech labor warranties are offered up to 7 years. But with Archadeck, the labor warranties on your new TimberTech composite wood deck are a jaw-dropping 25 years, 30 years, or the lifetime of your deck, depending on the TimberTech product you choose. And that’s in addition to the outstanding product warranty and fade and stain warranty that already comes with choosing TimberTech for your composite decking, starting at 25 years and increasing up to the lifetime of your deck.

Keep in mind, TimberTech’s composite decking warranties are in addition to Archadeck’s own expansive, industry-leading warranty protection.

With Archadeck and TimberTech, you can rest easy knowing your deck — and your investment — is protected for decades to come.

The Benefits of Composite Decking

Why choose composite decking? There are 4 key benefits of composite vs. wood for your new deck:

#1 Composite Decking Benefit: Maintenance

Composite decking is very low maintenance. It doesn’t need sanding, staining, painting or sealing to stay picture-perfect. On the flip side, upkeep for a wood deck is a to-do item you’ll need to add to your home’s maintenance budget on a regular basis. Even if you’re a DIYer, you’ll need to invest time and money to maintain your wood deck.

#2 Composite Decking Benefit: Durability

Composite decking outperforms wood — hands down. It doesn’t fade in the sun, won’t stain from things like mildew or leaves, is more scratch- and pest-resistant, and it won’t rot or warp with sun or harsh weather exposure. It’s also treated to resist mold and mildew, which keeps your deck cleaner and helps it last longer.

#3 Composite Decking Benefit: Designvintage majogany deck with railing

Composite decking has two distinct design perks, and design is all about details. Composite decking is lighter in weight than wood, giving you more flexibility in designing and engineering your new deck. Composite boards also come in longer lengths, resulting in a design with fewer seams, depending on your dimensions.

#4 Composite Decking Benefit: Comfort & Safety

Composite decking makes feet happier. It doesn’t splinter, stays cooler in the heat, and is more slip-resistant than wood. It all adds up to better foot protection — for pets and people — from ouchies, burnies, and even risky falls when surfaces are wet from rain, pool water, sprinkler heads, and more.

When you choose Archadeck and TimberTech, you get better durability, less maintenance, more safety, and more warranty protection with composite decking — plus the expert licensed contractors, exceptional custom design, and full-service commitment that has earned Archadeck its reputation for excellence.

Now what’s your answer to: Will you choose wood or composite decking?

At Archadeck, count on our design experts to help you customize your deck to your lifestyle and budget and create an outdoor living area that’s uniquely you. Our local owners use only premium products and trained, licensed contractors, and are backed by Archadeck’s exacting standards, professional code of conduct and three decades of proven experience as North America’s largest deck, porch and patio builder. Contact your local Archadeck today to get started.