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Screened-in Porch Designs Allow You to Keep Out Giant Mosquitoes reported back in June that swarms of gallinippers, a species of mosquito 20 times the girth of the average mosquito, have landed in Seminole County, Florida, in a plague-like fashion. Officials confirmed the infestation following forecasts from entomologists at the University of Florida last March. A local resident claimed to have seen the huge pesky pest on their porch and called the Seminole County Health Department. Despite remedial measures like pre-treatment spraying, it won’t be surprising if the rest of Florida soon becomes victim to the giant mosquito threat.

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Thanks to its humid and swampy areas, Florida has all the right conditions for mosquitoes to thrive in swarms. The recent appearance of the giant species is largely associated with last year’s wild storm. So far none of the usual anti-mosquito treatments are able to guarantee 100% success rates. As a precaution, homeowners who love spending time on their porch or balcony may want to convert an outdoor living space into a stylish screened-in porch.

Even though the 175 mosquito species found in the United States comprise only 0.05% of the entire family of mosquitoes on the planet, certain types, such as Anopheles, carry deadly diseases like malaria. A single outbreak will claim the lives of millions if not contained immediately. Aside from using mosquito repellent lotions and insecticide, homeowners must carry out basic preventive measures such as regular cleanup and removal of stagnant water around the house. It is also advisable to install screens around porches or patios.

Porches are usually the perfect places for entertaining or hanging out. To prevent a mosquito infestation in a frequently-used area, homeowners should consider enclosing their porches with durable and stylish screening. The best screened-in porch designs from companies like Archadeck enable porch occupants to still have a clear view of the outdoors while being able to enjoy the free-flowing breeze. They also provide optimum protection from deadly insects.

Screened-in porches may also deter bats, birds, and a variety of wildlife that could pose varying degrees of danger. Of course, someone would need sturdier protection against bigger animals like bears or other predators than just a screen. Fortunately, those giant mosquitoes simply won’t stand a chance against a well-built, screened-in porch.

Due to global warming, mosquitoes are expected to multiply and spread diseases at a much faster rate than normal. The gallinipper invasion in Florida is just the tip of the iceberg. Aside from prevention measures like bug sprays and candles, consider building a screened in porch so you can enjoy the outdoors without worry of pests. Companies like Archadeck offer a variety of porch design options that will suit your budget and personal preference.