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Aging in Place Goes Beyond the House

A recent article from the ARA titled “Remodeling for Aging in Place Today will Help Sell Your Home Tomorrow” discusses changes you can consider to make your home more appealing to an older generation of buyers. “Aging in Place” is a term used for “design features that make it easier for older adults to live on their own longer. These modifications are the fastest-growing segment of the home remodeling industry, says the National Association of Home Builders.” Source.

I can relate to Aging in Place. My parents moved a few years ago and needed to take their age into consideration. Will they want stairs in the house in a few years? Do you need more lights in certain areas? Are wider hallways necessary? They thought about it all. But aging in place design goes beyond the inside of the home. There are features that can be considered to make your outdoor living spaces more convenient as you age.

Stairs are necessary evils sometimes, but certain design features can make them easier on your knees or can provide more support. They can be built wider both length and width wise with a smaller height change. It may result in more stairs, but less pain. Additionally, easy-to-grip railings are a good way to make sure you can keep your balance as you age. My grandparents even had brackets attached to the side of their doorways to help pull themselves up into the house if they needed.

For those people that can’t use stairs at all, ramps are a good option, but they don’t have to be the normal wooden ramps that you so often see. You can have them designed so they flow seamlessly into your space. For instance, instead of the wood skeleton, stone walls may line the edges.

At Archadeck, creating designs that work for you and your family now and in the future is important. How you’ll use the space in 5, 10, 20 years is an important thing to consider when you are investing a significant amount of money so make sure you tell your contractor your future plans.

If you have questions about aging in place design, please contact your local Archadeck Outdoor Living office.