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No Splitting. No Splinters. Spills? No Problem. TimberTech.

If you’re thinking about or looking into having a deck built in your backyard, you’ve probably heard about TimberTech. What’s all the buzz about TimberTech and is it really justified?

upper level deck with white railing

Remember getting splinters when you were a kid? Your mother would say – “You’re on a deck. Pick up your feet when you walk.” And then your mother would have tweezers nearby because undoubtedly one of the kids would pick up a splinter from the deck.

It’s hard to imagine that you could have a deck that doesn’t splinter. It’s also difficult to imagine having a deck that looks as good 10 years after it has been built as it looked when it was finished.

deck with iron railing

You want to like outside in your yard for some semblance of living carefree. You don’t want to worry when something is spilled. You don’t want to have to mop the floor. You don’t want to worry when the floor gets wet that mildew could build up. With TimberTech, all of these things are no worry.

Here’s just a short list of what you can expect and count on with your TimberTech deck.
upper level deck with stairs to ground level
Low maintenance
no splitting,
no checking
no splinters
easy to clean
That’s a pretty impressive list.

So if you’re considering TimberTech for your new deck, what are your design choices? Well, TimberTech’s color and board choices are extremely extensive so I polled the Archadeck locations

What’s the staple of the TimberTech line? Across the board, the Archadeck owners agree the staple is TimberTech XLM.

“In my experience, Timbertech XLM is the best product to use for a deck these days. It is very low maintenance (scratch resistant, fades less than composites, easy to clean).” – Juan Cardona – Archadeck of Chester County, PA.

Here’s what another owner said:

“XLM is TimberTech’s most popular decking line. It is scratch-, mildew-, and stain-resistant. The moniker, XLM, is accurate: “eXtremely Low Maintenance”. – Jim Finlay – Archadeck of Suburban Boston

Jim has also written a great article on TimberTech and other synthetic decks.

And another…

“Timbertech XLM offers for the lowest possible maintenance and the best resistance to stains, dirt, mold and mildew.” – Ray Halackna – Archadeck of Pittsburgh, South Hills

TimberTech xlm-desert-bronze
TimberTech xlm-desert-bronze
What’s hot?

XLM Plank image with color swatches along the bottom

The Archadeck owners all agree that TimberTech’s Desert Bronze is the hottest color right now.

“The random dark streaks give it a more natural appearance.” says Jim Finlay.

“The hottest color, bar none, right now is Desert Bronze.” says Juan Cardona.

TimberTech’s XLM gray River Rock color is also a traditional favorite. This color is great for beach-front properties since it has the color of weathered wood. It’s also perfect for homes with gray siding or paint as it fits in naturally with the color of the home.

grey color deck next to a pool on a property that is waterfront

deck with iron railing that overlooks grassy backyard

upper level deck with pergola

Baron Biedenweg is the owner of Archadeck of Northeastern Indiana.

multi level deck with wood railing and stairs

Harold Cross is the owner of Archadeck of Central Iowa.

Please feel free to send questions about TimberTech. Our owners have been working with TimberTech for years and have worked with nearly every board and color.