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Chelsea, AL, Backyard Upgrade With A Screened Porch And Deck Combination

Sometimes more is more when it comes to designing and building an outdoor living paradise with a combination of outdoor living areas.

deck and porch combinations

And sometimes, when dealing with outdated backyard structures, it is best to start fresh with a clean slate.

When we first arrived at this Chelsea home for their complimentary design consultation, the homeowners stated that they wanted to makeover their existing outdoor area – from a design and versatility standpoint – a total reinvention, if you will.

They had outgrown a long, dilapidated wooden deck that wasn’t worth preserving in any capacity, so we took everything down and started fresh.

Out With The Old And In With The New – With A New Way Of Design Thinking For Increased Functionality

The original stairway leading to the second story deck platform landed straight into the gate where you would enter their driveway. To correct that design flaw, the new deck design also included a complete redesign of the stairs. The result is a new deck featuring a landing which now eases the flow of transition and access.

reconfigured stair design

We rethought and redesigned the entire area to encompass both a new deck plus a new screened porch taking the opportunity to create a multi-functional outdoor space that would pay dividends for years to come.

A Classic Wood Design To Celebrate Future Good Times And Outdoor Memories

Due to its natural beauty and preferred price point, the materials we used were all wood, namely pressure treated pine. During the treatment process, pressure and vacuum technology are used to force protective chemical preservatives into the pine building material. This renders it a sturdier building material that is less susceptible to rot, fungal decay, and insects.

wooden deck and screened porch

What Are The Advantages Of Pressure-Treated Wood Decks?

1. Affordability. Pressure-treated wood is notably less expensive than cedar, redwood, and other types of wood. Because of its durability, you’re much less likely to experience a need for costly repairs in the future. It is a great choice for those operating on a smaller budget.

2. Versatility. Pressure-treated wood is a blank canvas, being easy to work with and able to be stained or painted any color you desire. This makes it a wonderful option if you are trying to match the color of an existing feature of your house, such as an interior hardwood. Be sure to paint or stain only when the wood is completely dry.

3. Durability. Pressure-treated pine wood is more durable than many other types of wood, better-able to resist dents, scratches, and wear. Pressure-treated wood’s extra strength gives it a long lifespan, ensuring that it will last for decades to come with proper care.

4. Ease of repair. In the event of a grilling accident or unexpected situation that results in cosmetic damage to part of the deck’s surface or structure, pressure-treated wood is easily and inexpensively repaired.

5. Insect repellency. The chemicals used in treating this type of wood repel bugs and insects, keeping them away from your home and reducing incidents of insect damage. This will save you money over time that would otherwise be spent on insect-proofing solutions.

6. Natural. This type of building material is made from naturally-forested pine wood – the most commonly treated wood, an environmentally-friendly choice because of its fast growth.

Design Details That Make This Chelsea Backyard A True Vision Of Outdoor Living Delight

The new deck build features a custom privacy shade at one end to thwart view into and from the neighbors' backyard. For safety and to define the architecture of the new outdoor space, the railing is wood as well, embellished with black aluminum balusters.

wooden deck with privacy wall

Inside the screened porch, we installed a stunning tongue and groove spruce ceiling with custom beam details that make this reinvented structure a work of art.

screened porch house wall

The house wall is the home's existing siding and adds a great color and texture contrast as it balances the natural texture, grain, and color of the pressure-treated wood.

screened porch looking onto deck

To make life easier for the family pet, the screened porch features a nifty pet door, as well as a security gate, for the pet to enjoy the space as well.

Make A Change For The Better – Better Outdoor Living – With Archadeck

A complimentary design consultation is our gift to you. Click here and let’s get it scheduled.

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.