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Outdoor Living Spaces Without A Pergola Accompaniment Sadly, Leave A Lot To Be Desired

It’s summer. And for many of us, our thoughts turn to frozen treats from the neighborhood frozen yogurt and custard stand. And when you decide to really splurge and order that large hot fudge sundae, how could you possibly not crown it all with freshly chopped toasted nuts, sweetened whipped cream, and a luscious maraschino cherry?

It would be a crime not to.

ice cream on pergola

Well, such is the case for having us design and build a spectacular outdoor living space deck or porch and forgetting to have us add a pergola swing. That would be really criminal.

Pergola Swings Turn Spring Days And Summer Evenings Into Flights Of Fancy

When meeting with your Archadeck design team member for your complimentary design consultation, be sure to be mindful of the whole project – not just the foundation or roof cover.

pergola swing

It’s those special touches like adding a whimsical pergola swing that transforms your outdoor living space into a true outdoor oasis, worthy of transcendent celebration of the body, mind, and spirit.

Pressure Treated Lumber Rises To The Occasion In This Magical Pergola Deck Swing

Nestled with sprawling ivy and growing ferns, let nature take its course and drape your pergola swing with foliage you favor. If you want a vine that produces a rich blanket of color up and across your pergola, bougainvillea might be your answer. It can be planted in a container and used on your deck or patio as a summer annual, and then moved to a protected area during the winter. This vine can grow quickly, depending on the variety. When training to climb and augment your outdoor pergola structure, tie shoots to a strong support to avoid wind damage.


If perfume-like fragrance is more to your liking, you should definitely consider Carolina Jessamine. This Southern-sounding beauty features leaves that are shiny and light green attached to long branches that grow in different directions. Climbing up your pergola, Carolina Jessamine vines will hang down and blow in the wind. Yellow flowers are trumpet-shaped and fragrant.

carolina jessamine

For spectacular starburst blooms that come in more than 200 species, be sure to consider clematis. Growing on your pergola, some varieties can reach to 20 feet and beyond. But be careful where your pergola is positioned, as this beautiful vining plant requires about six hours of daily sunlight to get the greatest number of blooms. Plant where clematis can climb up your pergola to give the stems support. A long-held belief is that clematis must be planted with its "feet in the shade and head in the sun," but regular water and mulch should be sufficient. Plant near shallow ground covers or plants that won't compete for root and ground space adjacent to your outdoor living structure where the pergola lives.


Swing, Shade, And Romance Align In This 4 By 9 Creation

This Birmingham pergola is built from pressure treated wood and is 4-feet by 9-feet. It offers support for the homeowners swing and shade.

pergola swing

The pergola swing creates dappled shade protection by the way we built the purlins – or top cross members of the pergola – which is something we can do for any of our pergola designs depending on the needs and aesthetic wishes of our clients.

custom pergola swing

Some clients only want a pergola for vertical interest, and some want shade as well. With Archadeck you can have it both ways – or either way. For decorative flair, the ends of the pergola swing are finished with Ogee ends – curvy, serpentine-like architectural nuances.

Make Your Design Statement For Outdoor Fun And Flair During Your Complimentary Consultation

Archadeck would love the opportunity to grace your outdoor living structure by adding a pergola to your plan. Connect with us by clicking here; and we’ll make that happen.

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.