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These Jefferson County AL Homeowners Have it Made in the Shade!

Sometimes you don’t need the whole backyard oasis to enjoy the outdoors at home. Sometimes you just need some shade! Archadeck of Birmingham came to the rescue when these Jefferson County, AL, homeowners decided to take control of the excess sun on their patio.

Custom backyard covered patio

At Archadeck of Birmingham, we custom design and build the perfect shade covers for all kinds of outdoor structures. When you’re getting so much sun you cannot enjoy your patio, deck, or pool surround, you’ve got to do something about it! If you have little ones who like to play outdoors (of course they do!), don’t let another spring and summer pass without calling us for a custom shade solution.

Your Jefferson County Porch Builder

When does a patio become a porch? When we build a roof over it! That’s right, when you add a roof over your patio, for all practical purposes you suddenly have a porch. Where would you rather be when the sun is beating down on you and your family while you try to enjoy the outdoors? You’d probably rather be in the shade!

Such was the case for these homeowners. Without a single shade tree in their yard—or any trees at all—they needed a shade solution for their patio. They had heard about our excellent work designing and building custom outdoor living structures around Birmingham, so they called to set up a free design consultation. Since they already had the patio, this porch roof was a budget-friendly project that solved a huge problem for them.

Porch cover ceiling with fan

Archadeck of Birmingham added a shed-roofed porch"m-porch-builder/ cover over the clients’ existing concrete patio. We designed the new structure with top-quality cedar posts supporting the shed roof. The inside ceiling of the porch is knotty pine, and it looks beautiful!

The roof we added over this Jefferson County patio is a real roof, as sturdy, solid, and dependable as the roof on their home. Whether you call it a porch or a covered patio, it offers the ultimate protection from the hot Alabama sun—and that’s not all. This roof will shield the homeowners from rain showers, too. If you like sitting outside to enjoy the sight, sound, and aroma of a spring or summer rain shower, this porch is the place to be.

Benefits of Converting Your Patio to a Porch

You can roll up all the individual benefits of a covered patio into one huge reason to add a roof over your patio. A roof will enable you to enjoy your patio more often. Make that much more often, if you live here in sunny Alabama.

Custom backyard covered patio

Adding a roof structure makes perfect sense if you have a patio, deck, or pool surround that gets too much sun. If you want to enjoy your outdoor leisure space more often, just add shade! Never again will these Jefferson County AL homeowners gaze out at their yard on a hot summer day and wish for just an ounce of shade. Thanks to Archadeck of Birmingham’s custom design and quality construction, their patio has all the overhead protection they could need.

Does your family need a shade solution? Contact Archadeck of Birmingham today to make the time you spend outdoors this year—and next year— time well spent! Call us now at (205) 576-5780.

Company owners
— Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.