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If Your Goal Is a New Deck or Porch by Spring 2020, You Need To Call Now

With so many things you have to wait for, here’s something you don’t: calling Archadeck of Birmingham to start planning your outdoor living project. In fact, it’s to your advantage to call our office as soon as possible to schedule your free design consultation. Spring will be here before we know it! The sooner you start the design process, the sooner you’ll be enjoying that new deck, screened porch, or combination outdoor living space.

Custom backyard deck with outdoor fireplace

We wait for the weather to improve; we wait for the mail to be delivered; we wait for our child’s weird haircut to grow out. There are plenty of situations where we cannot control the timing, so we wait. If you wait until spring before contacting us, though, you will MISS being able to enjoy your new outdoor space this spring.

That’s right! If you don’t contact us until spring, you probably won’t be enjoying your new deck, screened porch, or a porch-and-deck combination until summer. We can’t add your project to our construction schedule until we’ve met with you, designed the project, and signed a contract. So call now to get started!

Wood deck and covered porch

Want a New Deck? Why Wait?

Birmingham deck builder Archadeck of Birmingham is eager to meet you and talk with you about the new deck you have in mind. You’ve probably gathered plenty of ideas, and you may have some questions. One of your questions is likely to be, “When will the work on my deck be completed?”

Custom wood deck with seating area

Timing is everything. At Archadeck, we always have jobs on the calendar—any reputable builder will—and we can’t push yours ahead of clients who called before you did. Your timing is great, though, if you call now, because winter is our slowest season. You won’t have quite as many jobs ahead of yours right now.

Project schedule timeline

When we talk about timing and outdoor construction, we have to talk about the weather. The Birmingham area has had a period of unseasonably warm weather, and we’ve seen a good deal of rain. While it may have felt like spring, we’re still in winter. Continued rain and some freezing days are still possible between now and March 19, the first day of spring in 2020. It’s always possible that weather challenges will cause delays to projects we start this winter. The sooner your project is underway, the less impact those winter weather delays will have on your hopes of getting your new deck by mid-spring.

Don’t Wait for “the Right Time” to Talk About Screened Porch Design Ideas

How will you know when it’s the right time to make your design consultation appointment with expert screened porch designer Archadeck of Birmingham? Waiting for “the right time” is not a good way to find out. Let’s go ahead and start the ball rolling. Do you have any family occasions coming up this spring that you hope to be celebrating on a new screened porch? If so, call us now to get started.

Cozy custom screened porch

With a screened porch, your party doesn’t need a rainy-day fallback plan. A porch roof overhead will mean you won’t have to grab party food and gifts and dash into the house when rain descends unexpectedly.

Will Financing and/or Our Phased Building Program Help You Get Started?

Are you dreaming about a combination outdoor living space with a deck AND a screened porch together? With a screened porch, you can un-invite the pesky neighborhood flies and mosquitoes and enjoy dining outdoors again! Meanwhile, evenings on your new deck will make you wonder why you waited until 2020 to get it done!

Wood deck details and exterior view of screened porch

If budget concerns are causing you to hesitate this winter, we have two solutions that may allow you to move ahead. First, Archadeck of Birmingham has a financing partner offering extended terms, no fees, and no down payments. Financing isn’t right for everyone; we understand that. If it will make the difference for you—making 2020 the year you spring forward into a new outdoor living space—then consider that idea.

The second option that may help you is our phased building program. If you have a multi-structure project in mind, we can plan it all in one cohesive design and proceed with each piece when your budget allows. Give us a call to learn more about this possibility.

Delays May Happen; Take Control and Schedule Your Consultation ASAP!

Rain boots and umbrella for rainy days

We’ve talked about potential weather delays affecting a construction schedule in winter. That’s not the only source of possible delays once your project is underway. Permitting backlogs, zoning issues, HOA approval, material availability and delivery … those we cannot control, and neither can you.

What you can control is when you decide to call us and schedule your design consultation. Whatever your outdoor living dreams are made of, contact Archadeck of Birmingham today to make the time you spend outdoors time well spent! Call us now at (205) 576-5780.

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— Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.