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A Cedar Park Flagstone Patio Gets The Royal Archadeck Treatment With This Beautiful Patio Extension

This Cedar Park outdoor living space design is a great example of the mastery of custom design and patio building from Archadeck of Austin.

The first time we visited this backyard, the family requested a large, visually interesting flagstone patio extending from a new grand cedar pergola.

Original outdoor space Archadeck built for them in 2017.

Giving these homeowners the best of all possible outdoor living worlds, they now enjoy comforting shade from the Texas sun at one end of the installation and warmth from a custom stone fire pit at the opposite end.

Over time, The Family Wanted More Of A Good Thing, So We Constructed A Patio Extension For Them

The entire outdoor living space was a big hit, but the more the family enjoyed it, the larger the number of their family, friends and neighbors wanted to enjoy it, too. This was especially true of those chilly Cedar Park evenings when outdoor conversations need just a tad more physical warmth to linger longer around the stone fire pit.

The solution? Create a custom patio extension to the original patio we installed, making it look like it was always there from the very beginning.

New patio extension to existing patio.

The more people that wanted to visit, the more comfortable seating around the fire pit was needed, so we went to work with this Cedar Park patio extension to accommodate more chaise lounge chairs. As they say, when it comes to the joys of outdoor living and enjoying it with people you love, “The more, the merrier.”

Think Of This Architectural Transformation As More Of A “More Is More” Situation

To achieve the end objective of making the patio extension as large as the family wanted, our expert patio building team started by pouring new concrete.

Next, we added flagstone to the original materials already there atop the new concrete, doing so in such a way that you would never see a difference – until the time came to cozy in and enjoy the fire when everyone said, “Wow, this space is so roomy now. We just love it!”

A Little Outdoor Cosmetic Surgery Is Just What The Doctor Ordered To Make This Backyard Oasis Become Even More Of A Good Thing

To achieve this recreation, our Cedar Park patio building team had to dismantle and remove the bench that we had originally installed. In doing so, we added new beauty and dimension to the patio extension by installing a brand new Leuders stone top addition to the seating wall to make room for even more outdoor living lovers. We also embellished the fire pit surround with the same hardscape material for a cohesive look and utility.

The final touch to this majestic addition? It was making sure it REALLY looked as good as new. That entailed a thorough power washing and resealing the entire patio for value-added, long term protection and durability.

Trust Archadeck To Amend Your Existing Outdoor Living Space Design And Address Any Lifestyle Changes Or New Plans You Have In Mind

From patio extensions to recrafted stone fire pits, Archadeck serving Cedar Park does it all.

To chat with us about what’s possible in your backyard, call us at 512-886-8367; and let’s explore patio extension design plans together, with a no-obligation, complimentary design consultation.

Better yet, there’s no need to pick up your phone. Just click this link right here to instantly connect with our Cedar Park design and construction team.

Jim Schallon, lead designer Archadeck of Austin.