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In Praise Of Covered Pergolas In Lakeway TX For Architectural Interest, Definition, Shade And Greater Functionality

Sometimes, it’s the small things that can make a very big difference. Take this Lakeway TX backyard living space, for instance.

custom lakeway pergola

Formerly just an open second story deck, we topped it all off with a custom designed covered pergola. The structural integrity of the new design – and the stunning beams of diffused sunlight that peek through – make this home improvement addition one of our favorites.

Sometimes Lakeway TX Courtyards Need A Little Tender Loving Care, Too

Using the SkyLift roof riser system, our Lakeway TX team added a generous amount of height to the new covered pergola design. Then to make it more functional in all kinds of weather, we also installed Polygal Topgal over the pergola.

Skylift riser brackets are unique because they allow us to attach your pergola or patio extension well above the rain gutter without interfering with the roof's support system. The revolutionary design of this roof riser hardware results in more simplified and secure installations, as well as a better and more versatile finished product.

side view of custom pergola

Why was adding height to the covered pergola such a great idea? Here’s why.

A low, un-pitched patio roof can cause a lot of issues. Without a pitch, debris and water can collect on the top and eventually cause damage to the structure. In some cases, damage might just be a leaky seam, and in other cases, water can rot the structure and make it potentially dangerous.

Take a look at this before and after:

before pergola was added


By raising and pitching this deck patio roof cover, we created more headroom for this family and their guests, while also extending the life of that second story outdoor living space deck patio roof structure by preventing water damage and other wear and tear.

after custom pergola was built


Archadeck Took An Existing Deck And Built A Covered Pergola To Keep The Deck Area Dry – And Much More Enjoyable

For sublime overhead protection from UV rays and unwanted weather elements, we completed the deck pergola shade cover with POLYGAL Topgal in bronze.

POLYGAL Topgal Multiwall Standing Seam Panel System is a polycarbonate multi-wall standing seam panel system suitable for custom designed pergolas, as well as coverage for many other types of outdoor living spaces.

lakeway pergola builders

Topgal’s unique multi-wall structure, with its relatively low weight, enables optimum light transmission and provides excellent thermal insulation. Topgal standing-seam panel connections prevent water from collecting and penetrating into buildings and provide high structural strength and superior rigidity of the system in accordance with required standards.

By installing the polycarbonate pergola shade roof cover in bronze, filtered light transmission is a joy to behold.

topgal polycarbonate cover over pergola

As for the beams on this new Lakeway TX pergola, they were handcrafted from durable and resilient cedar and were stained almost black to match the colors of the home and surrounding areas.

Looking To Cover Your Open Deck, Porch Or Patio Space With The Best Pergola Installation Possible? Call Us.

Lakeway TX homeowners can now beautifully protect their open outdoor living spaces to achieve more ceiling height while enjoying filtered, diffused natural illumination from the rays of the sun.

For a complimentary design consultation, call us at (512) 886-8367. And to make it even easier to connect with us right now, just click this link.

owner of Archadeck of Austin

Daniel Smith, Designer at Archadeck of Austin.