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Archadeck Of Austin Sets The Stage For An Extended, Enhanced And Exceptional Outdoor Living Space In Round Rock

Surrounded by a vista of mature, graceful trees, when we arrived at the Round Rock, Texas, home for the family’s complimentary design consultation, we found that the small wooden deck off the back porch was falling apart due to its age and exposure to the elements.

before picture of backyard with deck


Our solution was to carefully remove the deck extension and start from scratch. Continuing the hardscape motif of the original porch, which was still in great condition, we replaced it with concrete.

after photo of stone patio area with built in kitchen

After – WOW!

An Outdoor Kitchen Gets A New Lease On Life Inside This Sprawling Porch Extension

The family frequently used the grill which was stationed at the outer head of the old space, and they wanted to keep its functionality but with a twist – an all new outdoor kitchen design.

built in outdoor stone kitchen

Surrounding the relocated grill are drawers for convenient storage and an outdoor refrigerator for dinner necessities, making trips back inside the home while grilling unnecessary.

outdoor stone kitchen patio

Surrounding the new outdoor kitchen design is a stoic assembly of large limestone blocks – with a Roman stone concrete overlay to be exact. Connecting stone seating benches with stone pedestals were integrated into the revitalized area as well, so family and guests could be more comfortable when conversing with the chef of the household.

At Night, The Pedestals Shine Bright

For a delicate and romantic glow of accent lighting after dark, notice the strategically placed outdoor lights embedded into the top of the stone pedestals. Their seamless integration into the design scheme adds a touch of elegance without being harsh, loud or obvious.

stone patio with stone columns and sitting area

These illuminators were also placed on the outdoor kitchen countertop and island bar in the middle of the patio area.

All told, more than 20 subtle outdoor lights were integrated into the concrete and stone fabrication with no exposed wires, adding elegance, simplicity and high functionality in equal measure.

The Interior Gas Line Powers The Relocated Gas Grill

Under it all, we ran a gas line from the house to the newly located grill area. Other extra accommodations included a ceiling fan inside the exterior porch for soothing cool comfort when needed, as well as the installation of a smart TV, completing this extraordinary outdoor living combination room and backyard respite.

built in outdoor stone table

As you can probably tell, all of the sculpted stone is white limestone with Montana Brown Lueders stone accents. Lueders is a premiere stone solution for ambitious and richly appointed backyard spaces such as this. Layered by Mother Nature in ledges, the aesthetic of limestone is extraordinarily interesting and intricate.

In Praise Of Lueders Limestone

A perennial Texas outdoor building favorite, Lueders limestone is often recommended to our homeowner clients in Round Rock, Texas. Here are just a few of the reasons that make it so special:

Durability. Lueders limestone is a dense and durable stone, which makes it well-suited for expansive outdoor applications such as this. It can withstand Texas weather elements such as rain, sun exposure, and temperature changes without deteriorating quickly.

Versatility. Lueders limestone comes in various colors and textures, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. This variety makes it easy to integrate into different styles of outdoor living spaces.

stone patio

Heat Resistance. Limestone has a natural ability to stay relatively cool in hot weather, making it comfortable for seating areas and countertops, even during warm summer months – especially critical in Round Rock, Texas.

Aesthetic Appeal and Texture. Lueders limestone often exhibits a beautiful appearance with subtle, earthy colors and distinctive patterns, which adds an elegant touch to outdoor spaces.

Non-Slip Surface. When used for flooring and bench seating, the textured surface of Lueders limestone can provide good traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls, especially when the surface is wet.

Ease Of Maintenance. While natural stone materials generally require some maintenance, Lueders limestone is relatively easy to clean and maintain compared to some other outdoor materials, which makes it ideal for outdoor living spaces and accents.

Round Rock Homeowners, Your Complimentary Outdoor Living Space Design Consultation Awaits

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Jim Odom, owner Archadeck of Austin.