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From Perplexing to Perfection - A New Pergola and More in SE Austin!

We don’t shy away from a challenging or difficult installation here at Archadeck of Austin. We recently tackled a project in SE Austin on an existing patio space that had some perplexing issues. Our clients had a ton of water coming off their roofline that met in a corner, so we had to prevent this from happening. Additionally, the client wanted a beefy pergola but did not want it attached to the fascia of the home as is typically the case.

Patio with seating area and hot tub

The home had a small, builder grade patio that did not have room for the family to enjoy their outdoor time. As Austin’s premier pergola builder, we are elated to work with our client’s desires and needs while staying within code. We evaluate problems so they can be remedied and clients can enjoy their backyard oases.

Before image of backyard
— Before Archadeck of Austin began the project.

We began this project by expanding the concrete patio to add more outdoor real estate. A gorgeous chunky cedar pergola anchors the back of the home and looks like it has always been there. Removing the existing Hardieplank from the previous beam gives the whole area a more cohesive look. We consider all the little finishing details that make all the difference in pergola design.

Seating area on covered patio

The goal here was to provide privacy so the homeowners could enjoy their hot tub. Since the owner wanted the pergola to stay below their gutters, we were able to attach the structure under the soffit line yet above the windows. This gave the homeowners the more cozy and intimate feeling they were trying to achieve. Plus, the look is seamless and perfectly fits their home’s overall look.

Cozy seating area on patio with pergola cover

A Polygal cover was added above the pergola, too. It adds fantastic water protection below so the clients can hang out under their structure even if it rains. And, it allows rainwater to drain directly into an existing gutter which eliminates the water intrusion dilemma. Polygal lets the sunshine in so the family can hang out on their patio couch and grill rain or shine.

Close up of pergola on patio

The benefits of pergola with Polygal makes it a no-brainer to add. Due to its double or triple layered construction, you can control the level of sunlight provided underneath. Select your preferred color and level of transparency to increase or diminish the amount of light allowed in. Plus, your space stays cooler while you remain protected from rain and other elements. This gives your outdoor spaces far more usability!

Pergola on patio

Our SE Austin clients are thrilled with their newly expanded waterproof and secluded outdoor living room. They even asked us to add gutters to the fascia under the soffits later for expanded rainwater control. Everything stays dry and enjoyment abounds in all weather conditions.

Let Archadeck of Austin tackle any perplexing backyard problems that are preventing your family from enjoying your backyard. Call Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 886-8367 to schedule a free design consultation.

Company designer
Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.