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Top 7 Reasons to Choose Composite Decking in Oakville Ontario

Word-of-mouth is spreading, making composite decking the most sought after decking material in the Greater Toronto area. With a large choice in colors, no need to paint or stain, and 25+ year warranties, composite decking is a perfect choice for your Oakville Ontario deck. But there are even more benefits, here are the top 7 reasons to choose composite decking:

1. No Staining, Painting, or Sealing Ever! Often composite or synthetic decking is referred to as low-maintenance decking. The fact that you never have to stain, paint, or seal this product means you save money and time each and every year. With wood decking, if you fail to stain or seal your deck at the appropriate intervals you could be left with unsightly and even dangerous splitting and cracking. With composite decking, the most work you’ll have to do is grab the garden hose to clean off leaves or dirt that might accumulate from weather or usage.

2. Composite Decking Looks Like New for Longer. Wood decks can suffer stains and fading over time, while synthetic decking is stain, fade, and mildew resistant. Composite decking manufacturers like TimberTech offer a 25-year stain and fade warranty that guarantees your deck will look as good in 25 years as it does the first day you enjoy it.

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3. Modern Design Options. The aesthetic look of composite decking allows homeowners to create more modern looking designs for their outdoor living space. While you can go with the classic wood look, manufacturers have options in the line that allows for a more streamlined effect to be deployed in the deck design. Composite decking can be heated and bent for unique custom inlays and borders. It is also offered in a variety of colors to match any outdoor living décor.

4. Comfort. Truly extending your indoor living to the outdoors, composite decking feels as lovely on your bare feet as your indoor flooring. With a soft, smooth finish and no splinters, your Oakville Ontario composite deck will be your favorite place to spend time relaxing.

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5. Long Lasting With 25+ year warranties you can expect your composite deck to last for the ages. When investing time and money into a beautiful addition to your outdoor living space, you want to know it will do the job for many years. With the recent improvements in quality and design of composite decking, many suspect the 25 years will be surpassed.

6. Pest Resistant Did you know composite decking is less susceptible to the invasion of pests and insects? Not only are damaging pests like termites deterred because they have no organic material to gain access to, but annoying pests like wasps and bees will also seek other homes, away from your deck.

7. Long-term Cost Benefits. Composite decking is the better investment choice when adding a new deck to your Oakville Ontario home. The cost-benefit over the long-run will have you coming out on top. With an average of $300-$500 per year saved on staining, sealing, or painting, your investment is done when the deck is complete. The 25+ year lifespan of a composite deck far surpasses the average 15-year life of a wood deck. The life of your 2nd wood deck may be nearing its end by the time the single composite deck may start showing some wear.

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