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Mississauga ON Deck Builder Offers Small Yard Deck Solution with Gorgeous Multi-Level Composite Decks

Multi-level decks are a favorite in outdoor living design for their gorgeous looks and modern design features. With grand designs and layers of gorgeous composite decking, it is easy to see why everyone loves multi-level decks. When it comes to functionality, multi-level decks hit the nail on the head in a multitude of ways. A perfect solution to a sloping backyard, multi-level composite decking flows seamlessly, becoming part of the natural landscape.

Small Spaces

Mississauga multi-level decking is perfect for a small space. With constraints in square footage, multi-level decks can add functional areas to a tiny GTA backyard, making usable space in the yard larger. With wide stairs in between levels, the deck will feel spacious and will even offer more room for seating when entertaining.

Custom multi level deck

Gorgeous Architectural Design

Architectural interest is the key attraction of Mississauga multi-level decks. Just look at how grand they look. Each layer provides new interest for your eye to behold. While Mississauga deck builders deploy different decking patterns to each level, you can’t help but enjoy the variation and elegance. Each level becomes its own unique space, while the layers of decking create easy and obvious traffic flow to and from your home.

Enjoy the Scenery

Multi-level decks are a perfect way to keep scenic views scenic. With the upper level offering sweeping, gorgeous views of your yard, the lake, or a city skyline, the lower level remains out of sight, keeping the view unobstructed while still offering a larger outdoor living area.

Custom outdoor lightning

Multi-Level = Multi-Function

One of our favorite functions of a multi-level deck is the allowance for areas with different purposes. For instance, you can build a pergola over one level for shaded semi-private space. The lower level can remain in full sun for those who enjoy the warmth of a sunny day. Add an outdoor kitchen or fireplace to the lower level, while still allowing for enough space to dine on the upper level of your Mississauga deck. Space between levels is perfect for adding planters and built-in seating without taking away the functional area of the deck itself.

Family Entertaining

Mississauga multi-level decks are a perfect choice for families who relish entertaining. Adults can enjoy one space while the children get some separation. The upper level creates a great vantage point for supervising little ones playing in the grass. Whatever your family's needs are, we are certain a composite multi-level deck custom-designed by Archadeck of Oakville, Burlington, West Mississauga & Milton will be a great choice. Call today (877) 362-5802, email us, or fill out the form to the right.