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What is the Difference Between Deck Maintenance and Deck Restoration?

Homeowners with pressure-treated wood decks know they must be properly power washed, stained, painted, or sealed annually or biannually, depending on their weather and direct sun exposure. But life gets busy, and sometimes deck maintenance falls by the wayside. Over time, without maintenance, deck boards can split and splinter, creating an unsafe and unsightly outdoor living space. Once that happens, deck restoration services may become necessary.

While some companies may sell a variation of repairs, sanding, staining, sealing, or painting as “deck restoration,” those are the maintenance items that should be regularly implemented. Deck restoration, on the other hand, includes any of the following services when a deck is aging or becomes unusable or unsafe:

Deck Board Replacement (Re-decking)

Re-decking is a cost-effective way to restore or upgrade a deck that still has a solid, safe structure underneath. Because the substructure has had less exposure to the elements, it is possible to remove aging or poorly maintained deck boards and replace them with new ones. It is also a good time to upgrade deck boards tocomposite in order to eliminate the need for routine staining, painting, or sealing in the future.

Deck Stair ReplacementDeck stair and railing replacement

When in disrepair, deck stairs can become dangerous. Deck restoration services should include a full evaluation of the stair treads, stringers, risers, and railings. Any or all these items should be dismantled and replaced if they are in disrepair. Because typical stair stringers require cutting deep into the heart of the framing member, we generally recommend replacing and rebuilding the entire stair system anytime a re-deck project is implemented.

Deck Railing Replacement

Deck railings are an important safety feature of any deck, especially those not low-to-grade. If they are split, pealing, cracked, bowed, rotting, or loose, replacing them during a deck restoration is imperative. Modern railing options include a wide range of styles and aesthetics and are offered in a various materials including traditional wood and low-maintenance composites and metals.

Deck Restoration Near Me

At Archadeck of Raleigh-Durham,re-decking is a popular approach to deck restoration. When restoring an aging deck, homeowners often opt for innovative composite materials that areresponsibly manufactured, conserve trees, and reduce the need to manufacture and use chemicals. By choosing such long-lasting, durable composite materials, homeowners don’t have to worry about regular maintenance, splintering, or ongoing repairs in the future.

If your natural wood deck is aging, now may be the time to begin planning how you intend to address it. Whether it’s becoming a safety hazard or is simply in need of a “face lift”, call today to schedule a consultation and our designers can walk you through the numerous options available and find a solution that’s right for you! 919-973-1523.