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Creating Privacy for Outdoor Living Spaces

The Raleigh-Durham area continues to grow steadily, with no signs of stopping. The influx of new residents is intensifying housing density and changing the landscape of Triangle living. A farmhouse once surrounded by open land may now sit shoulder to shoulder with houses in a new neighborhood. Such proximity has led many homeowners to find creative ways to add privacy to their decks and other outdoor living spaces.

Designing privacy solutions for decks, patios, and porches is part of our custom-building process. Privacy options range from custom walls and pergolas to outdoor fireplaces and kitchens, and more. At Archadeck, we want privacy features to integrate naturally into your space and become a component you enjoy as much for their aesthetic as for their function.

How To Create Beautifully Designed Privacy Structures for Outdoor Living

Customized Privacy Walls

When planning to build or upgrade a pressure-treated wood or low-maintenance composite deck, it is important to consider how you plan to use it. This includes thinking about how much you want your space to be open or sheltered. Perhaps you would like a quiet, secluded space where you can enjoy a morning coffee, read a favorite book, or take an afternoon nap outdoors. If so, a customized wall or screen can provide some privacy while you enjoy the fresh air in a protected outdoor living space.

Privacy walls are popular due to their flexibility and diversity of options. For example, would you like a design with a clean, modern look? A wall comprised of horizontal slats crafted out of TimberTech or AZEK composite decking material can complement your home, shield your deck from view, and utilize materials that resist moisture, rot, and decay. Customized walls can also be made from materials such as classic wooden lattice and aluminum privacy panels.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Walls aren’t the only solution for secluding a space. Are you interested in having an outdoor fireplace? Although an outdoor fireplace’s obvious use is providing warmth, when strategically positioned a fireplace can also create privacy. Decisions about the size, design, and placement of an outdoor fireplace aren’t only relative to traffic flow and seating areas. Archadeck’s expert design team can also factor in any privacy needs you may have.

Outdoor Kitchens

As with outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens can also be strategically designed and placed to enhance privacy. While you may have been considering placing your outdoor kitchen to one side of your deck, you may want to place it elsewhere—such as along the backside of your deck—to block a specific view. Increasing the privacy of your deck not only shields you from others’ view; it can also protect your view from unsightly surroundings.

Porch Enclosures

Converting a deck to a porch is another way to increase outdoor privacy. A roof provides overhead coverage, and the space underneath can be partially or fully enclosed. Enclosures can be created with varying degrees of permanence, beginning with hanging curtains or shades seasonally, or screening-in the porch for year-round use. Screens are now available in different shades of color and translucence to match the level of privacy you want. A porch can also be turned into a three-season room with the addition of vinyl windows with screens. These also come in different shades of color and translucence. With an enclosed deck, you'll be able to enjoy your backyard landscape and garden views when you wish but choose privacy when desired.


As a deck privacy solution, pergolas provide partial overhead coverage and places to hang fabrics, screens, or curtains for increased privacy when desired. Pergolas are particularly useful when you are seeking to close off the view into your outdoor living space from the upper floors of a building next door. The pergola slats can be tilted strategically to block sight lines from above while still allowing for sunshine and breezes to filter through.

Schedule a Design Consultation in the Privacy of Your Own Home

If you're ready to explore ways to create a private outdoor living refuge at your home, call Archadeck to schedule a design consultation: (919)973-1523. Our team of expert outdoor living designers looks forward to working with you!