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Remodeling an Outdoor Space Versus Moving to a New Home

Has the real estate market gotten you down? Do you want to upgrade to a new house but find low inventory and rising prices too challenging? For better or worse, increased demand in the Triangle is a long-term trend likely to sustain these issues. As an alternative, many Raleigh-Durham homeowners are choosing to remodel their existing homes rather than trying to move. Expanding a home’s outdoor footprint is a popular way to breathe new life into a home while avoiding the hassle and disruption of interior remodeling. Below are some of the most popular outdoor remodeling projects in our area.

Converting a Deck to a Porch

In the Triangle, we are fortunate to have temperate weather we can enjoy for much of the year. However, there are plenty of days when the southern sun is relentlessly hot, or afternoon showers move us indoors. One factor that can keep a family from spending more time enjoying an outdoor deck is a lack of cover. Many clients with existing decks find that by adding a roof and converting their deck to an open porch, they use their outdoor living space more than ever before. Adding a porch to a home provides a new, functional outdoor room with shade and shelter that can be enjoyed for more of the year than a traditional deck.

Screening an Open Porch

Screened in porchWhile porches help expand the options for outdoor living, sometimes they can be a little too open. Enclosing an open porch or existing deck with screens is a great way to increase usage of the space. A screened-in porch provides all the benefits of an open porch plus a useful barrier that can help keep insects out and pets inside. When a screened porch is adjacent to an interior room such as a living room or kitchen, interior doors can be left open more easily to enhance the flow between indoor and outdoor spaces in a home.

Transforming a Porch into a Three Season Room

If homeowners are looking to maximize their all-year, all-weather usage of an outdoor living space, converting a deck or porch into a three-season room provides the greatest flexibility. A three-season room is much like a screened-in porch except it also offers the added protection of vinyl porch windows. Our vinyl 4-track windows can be adjusted according to weather, pollen, or preference. When the windows are fully opened, users can enjoy long breezes and a closer connection to the outdoors through screens. When homeowners choose to close the vinyl windows, they can enjoy greater protection from heavy pollen, rain, or cold breezes. If an appropriate outdoor heater is brought in while the vinyl windows are closed, homeowners and their guests can even enjoy winter days in the new space.

Renovating an existing outdoor living space—or building a new one from the ground up—can be an ideal way to achieve some of your family’s lifestyle goals without all the headache of an interior renovation or trying to move elsewhere in the area. If you’d like to explore your outdoor renovation options, call the Archadeck team today: 919-973-1523. We look forward to working with you!