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What Happens After Signing an Archadeck Contract and Before Construction Begins?

ClockHave you signed a contract to build a deck, porch, or patio with Archadeck of Raleigh-Durham? Are you wondering what is going to happen next? After the contract is signed, your job is placed in the production queue. However, there is usually a gap in time between when the contract is signed and before construction begins. There are a number of factors that affect how long it takes for construction to start. Here is what’s happening behind the scenes to get you closer to the new backyard of your dreams.

Obtaining HOA Approval

If you live in an area governed by a Homeowners Association, an important part of preparing for construction is getting your HOA to approve your project. After signing a contract with Archadeck, you will receive both paper and electronic copies of the documents outlining your project specifications. It is important that you submit these documents to your HOA right away, along with any other forms required by their architectural review committees. Only after you receive approval from your HOA can we begin the engineering and permitting processes that are required to start construction.

The Archadeck Team Gets to Work

There are several administrative tasks that must take place before construction begins. Your Archadeck team immediately gets to work completing these responsibilities in order to ensure a smooth start to your building process. The tasks include:

•Scheduling surveyed plot plans, as needed.
•Coordinating the schedules of our construction crews and the various tradespeople who will be working on your project.
•Ordering materials such as decking boards, porch windows, paver stones, railings, and more.
•Securing any necessary permits.

Securing Permits

If your project requires a building permit, we must gather all of the proper documentation and survey information to submit to the local building department. This includes sending your project plans to a licensed engineer to certify and seal. It is important to note that each jurisdiction differs in its process and timeline for issuing permits. In some areas, we can receive the permit on the same day. In other areas, it can take up to four weeks.

Keeping You Informed

Using a Laptop Weather, material delays, and building department schedules are just a few of the challenges we regularly encounter when working towards start date. While we make every effort to minimize their impact, we are still subject to their influence. One thing we can control is that we will stay in regular contact with you, keeping you updated on the status of your project before and during construction. Once construction is ready to begin, our Project Manager will contact you to schedule a pre-construction meeting. At this meeting, we will revisit the project plans, specification sheets, and also discuss details of the construction phase. You will also be introduced to the lead carpenter who will be assigned to your project. Project updates will continue throughout the building process.

At Archadeck of Raleigh-Durham, we are honored to serve so many wonderful clients. Although we maintain a full schedule, our goal is to start and complete all projects in a timely fashion. We promise to communicate with you regularly from start to finish of your project, and you are always welcome to call or email us with questions. We look forward to working with you!

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