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Hillsborough Composite Deck Remodel and Expansion Maximizes Forest and Wildlife Viewing

Outdoor swings are a wonderful and comfortable way to enjoy nature right outside your back door. One Hillsborough family wanted an outdoor swing on their back deck to enjoy the views of their surrounding woods and the wildlife it attracts. Unfortunately, their existing wood deck was too small for a swing and was in poor shape overall. Deciding it was time for a low-maintenance deck upgrade, they called Archadeck of Raleigh-Durham to revive their deck with low-maintenance decking and an expansion. We used a tiered deck design, composite decking, and black rail balusters to give them the space they wanted and to maximize their lovely view.

Hillsborough Deck

Re-Decking and Expansion

Re-decking offers an affordable alternative to replacing an entire deck by reusing the existing frame and replacing the old deck boards. (It is important to make sure that the frame is in good condition before re-decking.) Re-decking can be done using either wood or composite materials. As these homeowners wanted a low-maintenance upgrade, they chose composite decking. They also wanted to expand the size of their deck and chose a multi-level or tiered deck so that they could gain maximum square footage while preserving the gorgeous view from the upper-level.

Hillsborough Deck

Space-Enhancing Design Features

To maximize the view of our clients’ backyard and visiting wildlife, we removed the original deck railing to create an open area joining the original, upper-level deck to the deck addition. We chose a wide stair configuration to establish an open-floor-plan feeling, make the upper-level appear larger, and increasing the actual space needed for the outdoor swing. Next, we added the lower level deck expansion two steps down from the upper deck. This sunken-living-room transition provides a separate but adjoining space that drops below the sightline of those relaxing on the swing. The black railing balusters are thin in size and subtle in look, minimizing obstruction of the view as well.

Hillsborough Deck Renovation

TimberTech Re-Decking

Gray composite decking is a popular choice for today’s deck surfaces. This Hillsborough family chose to re-deck their wooden deck in composite decking, using TimberTech Terrain in Silver Maple. The neutral light shade of gray provides an updated appearance, and the surface stays cooler in the hot summer sun for greater functionality. Without the need for staining or sealing, the TimberTech decking met the family’s desire for less time spent on deck maintenance as well.

Hillsborough Composite Deck

To complete the aesthetics of the Hillsborough deck renovation, we finished the project with Decorator aluminum balusters and Cedar rails. In addition to enhanced visibility, the black balusters provide a modern, clean look that complements the distinct color and classic grain pattern of the cedar. Cedar also requires less maintenance than pressure-treated pine, with a natural resistance to moisture, weathering, and insects. The combination of the two design elements results in a lovely marriage of modern and classic, a growing trend in today’s exterior and interior designs.

Hillsborough Gray TimberTech Multi Level Deck

At Archadeck of Raleigh-Durham, and the Greater Triangle, we design every new or remodeling project with the specific homeowners’ needs in mind. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals with a fully customized, professional design solution. Call today to schedule a design consultation: (919) 446-5585. We look forward to working with you!

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