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Gray Decking is a Brilliant Color Choice for Your Raleigh-Durham Deck

Choosing a color for your deck is a personal decision based on individual style and your home’s exterior. For the past several years, gray has been growing in popularity among Raleigh-Durham homeowners for decking, paint, and stain colors. With the increased use of gray color schemes in interior design, it is no surprise the color has been embraced in outdoor design as well. While we don’t know exactly why gray is making strides where tans and browns once dominated, we can share the top benefits of today’s favorite gray decking colors. Gray decking complements a broad array of home exteriors, the cool tones keep temperatures comfortable for bare feet, and the neutral color palette offers flexibility for outdoor aesthetics.

Gray Deck with Bench

Gray Tones Complement Most Homes and Properties

Gray is a single color that can have many different shades, from cool grays with blues and greenstones to warm grays with orange and yellow tones. It is easy to find some shade of gray decking to complement the building materials of most homes, including vinyl siding, brick, or natural stone. Gray decking pairs particularly well with stone or brick, as these materials often have flecks of gray in them, which can be highlighted by an adjacent gray structure. The unobtrusive color palette is typically easily approved by a Home Owner’s Association and also integrates well into the adjoining landscape, flowing softly into nearby hardscapes or blending seamlessly with the surrounding foliage.

Multi Level Raleigh Deck Dining Area

Lighter Colors Work Well in the Heat

Gray can make your outdoor space more comfortable as well, especially in the Triangle, where we enjoy considerable sunshine throughout the year. Light gray tones absorb less heat from the sun, thus helping to make a deck’s surface area more comfortable on bare feet. This is true whether you opt for gray composite decking or a wooden deck with gray stain or paint products.

Gray is Flexible for Outdoor Decorating

Gray decking offers exceptional flexibility for style choices. For a beachy or classic feel, light gray decking with white railings and white accents offers a classic accent to the architecture of traditional home designs. Changing the railings to black or a matching gray can make the same light gray deck feel sleek and modern, perfect for contemporary homes, mid-century homes, and traditional homes getting a fashionable update.

Dark gray decking offers similar flexibility that is highly dependent on deck design and accents. Choose cable rail or a sleek black railing for a dramatic industrial feeling, or contrast the dark gray with white railings and lattice skirting for an update on a time-honored look.

Charming Composite Raleigh Deck Black Railings

Homeowners will also enjoy the additional flexibility that gray provides when decorating your new outdoor space. Gray provides an attractive but neutral backdrop for furniture, umbrellas, outdoor rugs, throw pillows, and accessories, in any type or color. With the benefits of choosing gray for your decking, you can transform your space throughout the year as each season’s color palette is sure to harmonize. Be sure to check out our deck's gallery to see gorgeous gray decks and design inspiration.

As gray color palettes have taken over interior design, it is a natural progression to extend it into outdoor spaces. If you’re interested in a new gray deck, deck expansion, or re-decking at your home, please call Archadeck of Raleigh-Durham and the Greater Triangle today for a design consultation: (919) 446-5585. We look forward to working with you!

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