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Raleigh Covered Porches: Custom Shade for Your Backyard

Is your Raleigh-Durham area backyard too hot and sunny to use in the heat of the summer? We can add a roof to your porch, deck, or patio for better coverage and a cooler place to relax and entertain. Covered porches are sometimes referred to as open porches, which includes any outdoor living space that has a roof over it. A great extension of your indoor living space, custom covered porches offer many possibilities. To inspire your design ideas, we’ve outlined a few of the more common choices for covered porch size and location, style and materials, and custom finishes.

Location, Location, Location

The size and location of your covered porch largely depends on your family’s outdoor living needs and the structure of your existing home and property. Many factors go into determining where the location of your new covered structure should be, including; the existing home’s roof lines and design, the hours of the day when sunlight on the property is most intense, and the general intended use of the structure.

We want to make sure the roof structure is attached to the home in a location that will allow proper water run-off. We have done many complicated roof attachments over the years, and the last thing any homeowner wants is water problems down the road. We will take a close look at existing roof lines and develop a plan that will leave your space nice and dry for many years.

Seeing that many covered porches are built for protection from the sun, we will evaluate at what times of day the sun is most severe, and from which directions. We can then develop a plan for sizing and placing your new addition so that it will offer cover when it is needed most.
We will evaluate the intended uses of the covered space, as well as any other nearby living areas, and give recommendations on how homeowners can maximize all that a new covered porch or pergola might have to offer.

open gable customer covered porch in raleigh

Style and Material Options

A roof is the key feature of a covered porch, making it the best starting point for your design style. Open gable roofs are a popular choice for their architectural beauty and the open airy space they create. They typically allow for the most natural lighting in the space and are common architectural features in this part of the country. Hip, shed, and flat roofs are also a good choice but are typically used on an as-needed basis to perform a specific function or meet a certain aesthetic need. A pergola with a polycarbonate cover for UV and rain protection is a great option for homeowners who are looking for coverage, but not quite the financial investment of a full framed roof structure. The best roof for your covered porch, deck, or patio is largely dependent on your home’s architecture, structural build, and overall design features. We can help you choose the best roof to create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

With regard to materials, we frequently advise our clients to use low-maintenance materials for their covered porch. These materials will never need to be stained or sealed and generally outlast any wood products. Low-maintenance covered porches look newer longer and simply need a little soap and water if they ever get dirty. We often use vinyl wrapped columns, and PVC trim and moldings to achieve an attractive, worry-free space. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your new outdoor living retreat.

covered porch with ceiling fans and tongue and groove ceiling

Custom Porch Finishes

You can further customize your covered porch by choosing from a large variety of custom options and finishing touches. Add a Duke blue or Wolfpack red painted tongue and groove ceiling to show your team spirit. Install recessed lighting and a ceiling fan for greater comfort on warm, summer evenings. Add a large-screen television, outdoor fireplace, or wet bar or more entertaining options. However you use your covered porch, our talented design team will help you make the space uniquely yours for years of comfort and enjoyment.

If you could use more sun and rain protection for your Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill outdoor living space, please give us a call at (919) 446-5585. We look forward to working with you!