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Pros & Cons of Building Your Dream Raleigh Outdoor Living Space in Phases

Are you dreaming of building a stunning new outdoor living retreat at your Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill area home? Are you worried that your project may be too much to tackle at once? If your new addition is a combination of different types of structures – such as a deck, patio, and screened porch – you have the option of building in phases or all at once. Both approaches have their benefits, and we can help you decide what is right for you.

The Benefits of Building a Large Combination Project in Phases

Distributing the cost of a large multi-space project over time is the primary benefit of building in phases. A large-scale combination project can be a significant investment of money and time. Sometimes it can ease the financial commitment to build the project in phases and spread out the cost over time. A phased project will also allow you to avoid having construction in progress at your home for a lengthy stretch of time.

Having time to live in your new space and fully realize how you will use it is also a great benefit of building in phases. You may think you want mostly open deck space and then, as you spend more time outside, find that you also want a screened area for protection from insects, pollen, or weather. A recent Durham client had us design and build a deck for them, but they weren’t sure if they wanted a pergola as well. Six months later they decided to make the pergola addition. The phased approach allowed them to discover and be sure of what they ultimately wanted.

Building in preparation for future additions is an important consideration of phased projects. If you know the full scope of what you want your outdoor space to include, we will design your entire space from the start. As we build each phase, we can prepare each part of the structure for future phases. For example, if you know you want to eventually add a hot tub to your deck, we can reinforce the deck now for adding the hot tub later.

construction work on backyard for new outdoor living space

The Benefits of Building Your Large Outdoor Living Project All At Once

While deciding to take a phased approach has its advantages, so does completing a project all at once. Building your large Raleigh-area outdoor living project in one phase can actually yield cost savings through different economies of scale. For example, you can avoid multiple permit costs and inspection fees that can accrue in a phased project. Demolition, dumpster rental, and material delivery costs can also be streamlined.

This economy of scale is what one of our new Cary clients found when they wanted to build a large, multi-level, low-maintenance deck and covered porch. Because of the size and scope of the project, they had assumed they would build in stages. After going through the design process and seeing the total cost of completing the project in one phase versus two or more, they realized it was more cost effective to build the entire outdoor living project at once.

Completing a project in a non-phased approach also has a convenience benefit: you only have to be in the “construction mode” once! Sometimes the idea of restarting construction once you’ve had a break can be frustrating. If you decide to do a project all at once, when your project is done, it’s done. You can enjoy your home, indoors and out, with no further interruption.

This convenience benefit also relates to after the project is complete. Wear and tear on a client’s landscape is an unavoidable part of any construction project. With a single phase of construction, once the work is completed, you can clean up your landscape one time without repeating the process.

We Can Help You Make the Decision

Are you still undecided about a single or multiple phase approach to building the outdoor living structure of your dreams? Don’t worry. During our consultation, we will work through these considerations with you. We will help you consider every angle of your future outdoor living project to ensure you get the outdoor living space of your dreams at the right pace.

If you are considering adding a large combination outdoor living space to your Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill home, please give us a call for a design consultation at (919) 446-5585. We look forward to working with you!