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How to Winterize my Raleigh Screened-In Porch

Are you looking for an attractive and well-functioning way to winterize your Raleigh screened-in porch or covered porch? As the weather cools down, many people seek ways to block out winter weather so they can keep using their favorite outdoor living spot for more of the year. If you search online, the most popular DIY projects for winterizing use plastic sheeting, vinyl curtains, and acrylic panels. While these solutions work well on a seasonal basis, another option is to install Eze-Breeze windows. Eze-Breeze windows give you the flexibility of switching between screen and vinyl windows all year long.

Below we’ll explore the pros and cons of different porch winterization strategies.

Clear Vinyl Curtains

Replacing summer curtains with heavy-duty, clear vinyl curtains is one of the better looking and easier ways to winterize your screened-in porch. The look is not perfect but is reminiscent of an outdoor eatery at the beach. Having the flexibility to open and close the curtains on an occasional warm winter day is a plus. Curtains are a great way to simply block a cool breeze and keep leaves off the porch, but won’t do much to keep the temperature on your porch warmer.

Plastic Sheeting

Using plastic sheeting or window insulation kits are an inexpensive way to block out wind, leaves, and rain. In addition to their low cost, they can provide greater coverage than curtains. It is important to consider though, that when the wind is blowing, the sheets can be very noisy and don’t block cold temperatures. Sometimes wind and debris can also tear the sheeting if it is not thick and durable enough. Using double-sided sticky tape or staples to secure it can also cause damage to your porch, so be mindful of your installation technique.

Acrylic Panels

Acrylic panels are a more effective method for winterizing your porch. The results will be a make-shift 3-season porch that stays a bit warmer than winterizing with the first two methods. This solution also helps to keep pollen at bay more than curtains or sheeting. The DIY approach to acrylic panels most often involves building your own storm windows and figuring out the best way to mount them on your specific porch. These efforts can be time-consuming and mounting can be risky to the individual and the porch, if it wasn’t built to hold storm windows. Also, keep in mind that some acrylic can become discolored over time, making it less attractive.

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Eze-Breeze Windows

For a more permanent winterizing option of screened-in porches, you can transform your porch into a 3-season room with Eze-Breeze vinyl porch windows. At Archadeck of Raleigh, Durham and the Greater Triangle, Eze-Breeze windows are a popular choice for many of our clients, for all of their year-round outdoor living needs. Eze-Breeze windows bridge the gap between screen enclosures and 4-season rooms. Their unique screen and pane combination allow you to use the screens when you want an open and airy porch feeling, and to simply close the panes when cold weather, heavy pollen, or rain arrives. There is no need to spend time setting up and taking down winterization materials; Eze-Breeze windows stay in place year round for the ultimate flex-space in any weather. By transforming your porch into a 3-season room, you gain an additional room that you can enjoy with family and friends for much of the year. With a small space heater or built-in fireplace, you may even find the space to be comfortable on cold winter days. For even more information, read our Eze-Breeze vinyl porch windows page.

If you are interested in using Eze-Breeze windows to winterize your porch for years of enjoyment to come, call Archadeck of Raleigh-Durham and the Greater Triangle today for a design consultation: (919) 446-5585. We look forward to working with you!

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