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How To Integrate Texture, Color, And Dimension Into Your Outdoor Living Combination

With the housing market being what it is today – insane by all counts – now may be just the right time to enhance your living and leisure options by looking right outside your window.

Adding an outdoor room to your home is a great way to increase both its value and your living space. And a great way to do just that is by using pavers to create your new patio.

Once the pavers have been installed, converting it into an outdoor room can be as simple as decorating it to create a distinct vibe. Whether planning to build a new space, or working with an existing one, we have some creative tips to consider when designing your paver patio outdoor room.

Thoughtful Planning Will Make Your Patio Outdoor Room An Asset

According to our friends at HGTV, the most important thing to do when planning an outdoor room is to determine where to locate it and its usage.

Establishing how it will be used will help you decide on the amenities you need to install and help you design your floorplan roadmap.

For example, are you building an outdoor game room? Is it a gourmet outdoor kitchen and dining room? Knowing what you want can help you determine if you should build one paver patio room area or divide it into smaller spaces, and identify your lighting, furniture, and accessory needs.

A good way to start is to go inside your house and check out the views looking out into your backyard. Placing your paver patio in a good relationship to the house helps give the feeling that your outdoor room is truly an extension of your home. And doing this will help you ensure that you have easy access to get there.

How To Make Your Patio Outdoor Room Truly Yours

Pretend that you’re an artist, with a pallet of never-ending colors, textures, and patterns. Paint mental pictures of how you see yourself living in that new space. Surround yourself with things you love. That’s a great start.

When it comes to the foundation of your paver patio outdoor room, a great place to start is Belgard. You could say that they wrote the book on paver patio living as their scope of paver patio products is immense – as is their knowledge on how best to use them.

Belgard suggests that you be mindful that well designed outdoor rooms can be used year round. However, if you decorate with only seasonal green plants and flowers, you may find things looking a bit drab come winter.

Landscaping experts suggest using evergreens, rock gardens, and other perennial landscape features to keep things colorful and lively all year. Mix and match different elements in your design to keep things fresh for each season. And always consider adding colorful perennials for extra texture, balance, and color harmony.

No Outdoor Rugs Needed Here

Instead of topping your paver patio with a fabric or sisal area rug, be creative and have Archadeck use a contrasting paver color and style to create an interesting design contrast within the space.

Bring Fire Into Your New Paver Patio Sanctuary

As the sun melts into the sky at dusk, turn your thoughts to the glow, crackle, and orange embers of a fireplace, fire pit, or custom fire feature. The views from every vantage point within your new outdoor room – and from afar – will bring you hours upon hours of joyful moments.

The element of fire itself creates a hypnotic setting, inducing calm, and relaxation. Even if you're creating a paver patio room for entertaining and dining rather than meditating, our custom fire features make your new space one for the ages – and it’s all yours.

Paver Patio Outdoor Rooms Are Low Maintenance

If housecleaning and interior upkeep has never been your strong suit, you are going to love your patio outdoor room – guaranteed.

It virtually takes care of itself, with hard, durable surfaces that repel whatever happens to fall upon them. A quick whisk away with a broom or garden hose is all that is needed to keep it all looking clean and refreshed.

If Looks Could Thrill – Adding Texture And Décor

Executed with our guidance and your artistic vision, mention of your new paver patio outdoor room should never include the words “normal” or “boring.” Simply spectacular is more like it

Adding hardscape amenities defines the space. Different colors and styles melded together through a fire pit, outdoor kitchen and seating walls a ho-hum patio into an outdoor room you – and your guests – will cherish.

When family or friends visit for vacation or a holiday, they’ll spill out of the house and into the backyard. And that means less interior upkeep and maintenance for you. Good news all around.

Depth, Dimension, Texture, Mixed Media – They All Add Up To A Symphony Of Outdoor Living Harmony!

Mix and match. Play and plan. Enjoy the experience of custom designing your new paver patio outdoor room.

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