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Nashville Pergolas with Polygal Cover Keep You Cooler and Dry

Here in the Nashville area, we love our sunshine...and we love our shade! If your patio or deck gets too hot, how are you going to enjoy it? By adding a pergola with a Polygal cover, that’s how! Rain showers? No problem! The Polygal cover also keeps you from having to cancel your outdoor plans when rain showers creep in.

Pergolas are crazy popular for two main reasons. As a decorative element, they make a dramatic design statement over a deck or patio, and they provide some degree of shade. The amount of shade you’ll get from a pergola depends on the number, size, and angle of the rafters and slats across the top. In addition to its design, a pergola’s shade protection depends on its placement in relation to the sun’s path overhead.

What if there was a more complete way to add shade to your outdoor living space and to stay dry, too? There is—a pergola with a Polygal cover designed and installed by Archadeck of Nashville.

What Nashville Homeowners Need to Know About Polygal Pergola Covers

Polygal is the brand name for transparent or translucent multi-wall polycarbonate sheets. It’s plastic, and a sheet of this special plastic overhead can make the difference between enjoying your outdoor living space or having to stay indoors. When excess heat, burning UV rays, or rain put a damper on your ability to relax outdoors, it’s time to call Archadeck for protection.


Archadeck of Nashville is your Polygal expert in addition to being the area’s premier designer and builder of decks and patios. If too much sun is an issue in your yard, a covered pergola will definitely increase your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Let’s talk about that when you meet with your Archadeck design consultant to plan your new deck or patio. If you have shade and rain protection in mind, we can include that in your deck or patio design. We can also design and add a covered pergola to your existing outdoor living space.

What the Variety of Polygal Options Means for You

Polygal style options

Polygal is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. It comes in different colors, styles, layers, and thicknesses for a reason. A transparent pergola cover will barely be noticeable, will let in more light, and can keep you dry when it rains. A bronze-tinted Polygal pergola cover will provide more shade and can actually reduce the temperature within the area it covers. Those are just two of the many possibilities.


Your Archadeck of Nashville design consultant can walk you through the variations of Polygal to determine which is right for your needs. For example, different colors and degrees of transparency will provide more—or less—shade for your patio or deck. We’ll determine the color and level of transparency that will provide the amount of shade and light you want. Some will block UV rays and/or heat. All of them block rain, so there’ll be no reason to cancel your cookout because of showers! We recommend adding a Polygal cover to a pergola because they make your outdoor space so much more usable.

One More Benefit of a Polygal Cover for Your Pergola


If we haven’t gotten your attention yet, this may: a Polygal cover is considerably more cost-effective than adding a roof over your deck or patio. Roof tie-ins can be difficult and add more expense to your shade solution than a sheet of layered, multi-wall plastic will. A covered pergola also eliminates the need to work around second-story windows as we would have to when adding a roof structure.

Let Archadeck of Nashville design the sun/heat/rain protection you need into your outdoor living project. Contact us today to learn more by calling us at (615) 640-3628