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How to Choose the Best Contractor

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When you are thinking about designing and constructing an outdoor living project for your home, you might have several ideas when it comes to the most important decision you will make. But long before you debate adding a gate to keep the kids safe, putting in a set of stairs with a sturdy railing, or adding a second deck space under the first, you need to make a bigger decision: which contractor should you use? The friendly team at Archadeck of Nashville has some thoughts for you to consider when choosing the company to work on your home!


When hiring a contractor, it’s important to look at area businesses. Sure, a generic chain could help you out, but people who are familiar with the area are likelier to know about building codes, zoning ordinances, and other factors to bear in mind for your specific location. Someone who is used to the climate in Seattle will not be as accustomed to building practices in the Gulf Shores. Working with someone from your area will help to smooth out the process.


A company might sound amazing, but are they actually as good as they say, or are their representatives just excellent salespeople? Ask to speak with former clients. If they were satisfied, then perhaps you have found a great company! Looking at online reviews is another way to determine whether or not a contractor lives up to expectations. While you should use the resources available to see what others have experienced, don’t take everything as the absolute truth. If you notice a trend, though, that’s usually a pretty good indicator of what to expect.


Ask to see their portfolio, or examples of past projects. You want to be able to see what they can do; especially if the project you have in mind is particularly complex or layered. You would hate to hire someone only to find out that your ideas are beyond their scope and experience.


Make sure everything is up-to-date! Licenses, insurance, and all other appropriate paperwork should be up to code before you let anyone work on your house.


If you have not decided on one company, at the competitive bids you are given. If one is particularly high or low, ask why.


You want a company that is proud to stand behind their work. Be sure to get a warranty for their services. If they do not offer them, or evade your questions, maybe they are not the best choice.


If you have bigger plans than your wallet, be sure to discuss options with your contractor. Perhaps you want a fancy porch and a sunroom, but can’t afford both right now. They might be able to complete one, or lay in the basics and come back later to put the finishing touches on your dream project.
So whether you’re planning to build a deck, sunroom, patio or the backyard of your dreams, choosing the right contractor is the first and most important step you’ll take. The team at Archadeck of Nashville has made it easy to choose the right contractor for your outdoor living space when you know what to look for! Call or click today for a free consultation!